To be human whisper

Ghost Whisperer, the Dog Whisperer, the Cat Whisperer, the horse whispering, but we were thinking of all the whispering mom's? The human whisperer? I know this sounds funny, but this is the simplest set of skills in life that everyone should strive to possess. And we think that as a man, we know how to do this?


The number one challenge is that almost all of my customers must be able to communicate effectively. Whether you are with your family, loved ones, colleagues, clients, or subordinates, this is a big challenge. Over the past two or three weeks I have realized that most of my work, which I have done, is really about teaching people how to communicate effectively. It's not about talking good or speaking good. It's about communicating with every single person or group so they get what I'm saying. Sometimes I have to be hard or tough, sometimes I need to be more comfortable and loved, and sometimes it's important to be humorous. IDENTIFICATION of what to do and when it is really the most important.

Some of the most important challenges are most to the people:

  • to communicate with yourself? Is there an effective saying that one is aware of their direction?
  • communicating with others – Did you understand your needs? Hear? Does
  • use better tone than touch? Or vice versa?
  • how can you effectively communicate with a crowd to win something positive to you
  • to be a leader and automatically bring you an effective communicator? Or is it vice versa?

If our communication skills are effective, there will certainly be less challenges in our relationship with others. This is a basic skill we have to do. However, this is also one of the hardest to learn and a skill that is challenging.

To effectively learn this ability, tactics, techniques, and so on. Simply because we are all different. You have to learn these skills to adapt to different life situations and different people.

I have determined that some communication skills have been practiced by a client and will not work efficiently. It helps me to meet customer needs. Remember, as a coach, I need to set this skill up. But the reality is that everyone must possess these capabilities. We need each other, it is self-evident, so we need to communicate with each other. If this ability is missing, we will not only meet our own needs, we will not know that we meet the needs of others, regardless of whether they are intimate, social or work-related.

Just googled "how can you communicate your sexual needs with your partner?" And there are over 7 million results. This only shows that even the most basic human need is not fulfilled. Couples really encounter difficulties when communicating their basic needs with their partners. If this is a challenge, what about other needs?

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