Tips for Cell Phone Viruses – Symptoms

You can disguise viruses as a sms or e-mail attachment, disguise an image, audio or video files, or even a greeting card over Bluetooth. This means that if you do not expect an e-mail attachment or know one of your sources, do not open it from an unknown source.


  • Your phone can often restart.
  • Your phone may be unwilling to follow commands or often lock it.
  • You may not have access to certain applications on your phone.
  • Applications running on some phones may refuse to work
  • Unusual error messages may occur frequently and the menus are unclear.
  • Icons that have not been imported may occur, and recently opened attachments may have duplicate extensions.
  • The installed antivirus is probably disabled or the program does not start
  • The new antivirus can not be installed and even if it is installed, it will deny work until the phone debugs.
  • The battery depletion rate is likely to increase because the virus is malicious in the workforce of the battery

These common signs are an attack despite a virus although soft or hardware problems may be presenting some of these symptoms.

My advice is if the phone signals these signals; contact your service provider or service provider. If you do it early enough, the damage is not much. At the end of the exercise, you will need to update the necessary antivirus software installed on your phone. Watch your phone against viruses and spies

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