Tips for B2B communication across Latin America

We are all together
It is important to note that many Latin learn from a young age that South America and North America are the unified landscapes known as "America." Therefore, they are all Americans. Someone from Mexico or Chile seems to be very offensive if they use only the term "America" ​​or "American" in the United States.

Business Clothing
When preparing for the next trip, consider the importance of appearance in any Latin American country. These cultures are fashion and clothing very important when making the first impression. Be careful to dress carefully: men's dresses and ties, dresses and dresses for women. Argentina is perhaps the most formal and Brazil is the least formal in Latin America.

The Kiss
Have you heard of the infamous kiss that is part of the Latin American cultures? greeting. When you first meet someone in Latin America in a business environment, you will often be shaking hands regardless of gender. Once you meet the second time, the "kiss," a cheerful embrace on the right side of the face is better between men and women or both women. Men generally cling to each other in a stuck handshake, ensuring eye contact.

Personal bubbles
Starting from a Latin-friendly greeting style, we need to understand the meaning of the whole cultural space of the personal space. Personal space is not the same in Latin America as in many other countries, but this increased intimacy can not be interpreted as sexual. The length of one or two arms is the usual distance in both the workplace and the social environment.

Do not rush
In these cultures, time is much more relaxed than a concept like the United States. The accuracy of business meetings is not necessarily the same in Latin America as in Western Europe or Asia. Therefore, we advise you not to schedule back-to-back meetings.

Warm and Friendly
Latins are, of course, very nice people who would be more inclined to be more interested in humans than humans as a representative of a company. In some cultures you can dive directly into workplace conversations, but in Latin America, small talk is vital to building trust and understanding.

The Importance of the Family
One way to build trust with this culture when asking about your family. The Latins are very family-oriented and enjoy talking to their family about yours.

Speaking of the Language
It is a very important topic that will be seen in most Latin countries for their pride in their culture. Though you can not stress how much you know in Spanish, we always appreciate extra effort. Try to show the food or greetings in your native language that you are interested in their business.

Taking these tips will surely improve communication skills and general business experience with Latin Americans.

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