Time Management Skills – Advantages and disadvantages of drawing huge boundaries between work and home

Time management brings hard decisions every day. You just have to decide what balance you have to find between work and home. It keeps this balance at a border. It may be strong or flexible. Just make sure it matches your values ​​and make it clear to you.

What happens if you create strong boundaries between work and the house? This is based on factors such as temperament, communication skills and the strength of your support system. Discover these benefits and disadvantages:


  1. If you disturb emergency calls from your home or workplace, scheduling is less likely to be disturbed by others. urgency. Reaction to urgency can lead to knock-on decisions that emphasize its effectiveness and erosion. trust.
  2. Encourage those who are able to handle emergencies by themselves. It promotes their trust and competencies.
  3. Strong boundaries reduce external distracting and encourage emphasis, flow and personal productivity at both workplace and home.

  1. Cons:
    1. If your home or work needs fail to be successfully transferred, these problems can be alleviated and require more time.
    2. If you can easily move from work to home activities, retaining rigid differences can discourage creative solutions that enrich both lives.
    3. Some people create a flexible partnership in which responsibilities are shared and the different strengths are pooled for the benefit of everyone. Regulating roles and maintaining the strict limits deprives both parties of co-operative enterprises.

    What's the best for you?

    Do you find yourself consistently nodding in one position? You must always break the details. What can you expect? What needs to be transferred? Answering these questions helps to define and clarify priorities.

    Talk to who is doing what and when, with everyone. For example, under what circumstances will you work at home? What kind of back-up support does the employer have when your mother falls and breaks her hips? Are you willing to accept responsibility at your workplace if you can do it at home? Who can defeat the most in an emergency, you or your partner?

    Now is the time to sort this out. You and those close to you play a beneficial role in cleaning your role. What conflicts can suddenly arise? The development of contingency plans reduces the possibility of negotiating relationships in the heat of the moment.

    The reward for increased productivity, improved communication and effective rescue plans. Ultimately, your limits control your energies and shape your life. Put these skills to work and automatically keep the time you want.

    What is the next step to create more efficient borders to find more time?

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