There are eight characteristics of a determined mission

Everyone has unique passions and values ​​that shape and determine who you are consciously or unconsciously. Once you find the most important values ​​and the passions that bring about the fundamental value, you will create such a powerful tool that you can use as a decision criterion, motivation, or standard for your life. This tool is the Mission Statement.

The strong Mission Statement has the following characteristics:

1. Determines who you are.

Your mission statement reflects your personality and needs to be uniquely identifiable with you. Your mission is not what you are doing, but who you are. If any of your companions can say the same statement as you do, you will need to submit more. Keep away from general ("I help people have a better life"). Your personality can be predictable in expressing your statement, your words, your voice, etc.

2nd Independent of time, place, people, form and situation.

Your Mission Statement describes the gift you bring to the world. Mission statement is not work or role-writing. The real test of your mission is to drive alone on a desert island, on a crowded bus, at a party, at your workplace, at your spouse, that is, you can accomplish it independently of place, time and situation. Think about Tom Hanks in the Castaway movie. If you were in your position, how can you live your mission and succeed?

3rd This is short and simple.

You can specify the mission statement from the memory without looking at it, even if it is under stress. The mission statement must be up to ten-word long and easy enough for the child to understand and tell.

4th It records the central principles of life.

At the heart of the Mission Statement, we express the central theme of your life in a positive way that you can protect at almost all costs. It also describes how people affect or affect your presence.

5th This is action-oriented

Missionary Screaming is based on verbs of action that describe passions. A successful mission statement encourages you to act.

6th Hearing makes people "WOW"!

The mission statement must encourage people to inspire and participate when he says that. The student should also be able to relate to what you are saying who you are, clearly and promptly. The ultimate success of the Mission Statement is how much "rumor" is created. The best answer is when your listener says, "Tell me more!"

7th It is easy to live, yet life-long journey that has never ended.

Your mission does not have to be big or difficult. Live at every moment of the day, in everything you do, be easy and simple, but powerful and effective. Your mission describes your journey so you can never "finish". When done, it is more "vision" or "task".

8th Provides confidence and energy.

The mission statement must be easy to roll your tongue without appearing. You should be able to plan it in ways that when you say that you feel it is empowered, clear and successful.

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