The wonderful future of mobile phones

The popularity of mobile phones is constantly increasing as snowball. There are many reasons for this, and they go far beyond each other.

The development of mobile phones and technology in the past decade has contributed to the success of the phenomenon through social and cultural processes and drastic price reductions.

Mobile phones have long been a symbol of status and fashion. Some manufacturers produce specially designed phones for women. Other models are designed with interchangeable facades for young people. Many young people pass on their instant messaging habits to their mobile phones.

Integrating such a wide range of features and integration into mobile phones is more impressive and more advantageous than the kind of office tools that integrate a scanner, photocopier, fax and printer into a single compact space-saving multifunctional device. machine.

The current generation of G-2.5 technology as well as the upcoming G-3 units carry so many features that blow the mind. These new mobile phones are multimedia center, mobile office, navigation device, GPS (global positioning system), computer with fast internet access, text messaging, high definition camera and video, clock, calculator, PDA, MP3 music player, TV and wallet! Yes, we can pay for things we pay today for coins, such as soda or coffee makers, parking, trains and bus tickets, etc. It became the "Swiss Army Knife" …

In Israel, the mobile phone was used to send SMS and approve a dollar donation for needy children. I think it will be a legitimate tool for voting in competitions in the future, and even in elections.

Writing the Head of the Wireless Company in the Wall Street Journal noted that "In Slovakia, people use mobile phones to remove heat before returning home", and in Norway "1.5 million people can confirm tax returns" using short text messaging services . Paramedics use camera phones to forward hospital images of incoming injuries; "In Britain, it is now customary for wireless
to allow companies to access metering devices or collect diagnostic information remotely." On-site construction workers send pictures to entrepreneurs using mobile phones. , check your voicemail messages, or simply sign in to the workplace – mobile phones provide people with an unknown level of comfort
. (Source: The New Atlantis – Article by Christine Rosen).

Other interesting applications provide your friends with location services, so if one of your friends is very close to where you are right now, an SMS massage will alert you.

Mobile Phones and Dating Services

Many companies are currently anonymously flirting and meeting people. These services provide cell-cellular textile and PC-to-cell texting services. (Text phone phones can also receive messages sent over the Internet from the computer.) Companies using UPOC (Universal Point of Contact) and allow users to fill profiles like any other dating service (some dating sites) with text messages) and then search for an ideal match. Profiles can also contain photos and can be accessed either on a mobile phone with a picture or on a computer. Tell me you want to meet a 20-30-year-old man in Orlando who is interested in hiking. Search and three names appear. You can send a text message without revealing your phone number

Mobile phones as security devices

One of the main reasons why mobile phones have become so widespread is that, in addition to convenience, Security and Security support consider parents to direct their children to mobile phones to track their place to make sure they arrive at their destination to report their mobile phone in real time when in any trouble.

Many women feel much safer on the street, knowing they can ask for help when they need it.

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