The Value of SMS Text Marketing

Whether you run a profitable business to increase sales or represent an organization that simply wants to reach its members quickly and in an affordable way, text marketing is the perfect solution. This is because text marketing can save as much money as a money maker.

Some of the reasons why SMS-text mobile marketing is essential for your business or organization.

first You can reach more people by other means

You knew …

6% of Americans have Twitter accounts

33% of Americans have a Facebook account (over 50% of men) NO

37% of Americans are actively using e-mails

92% of Americans have a mobile phone (98% have SMS enabled phones!)

Believe it or not as many users as "texting" than e-mail, but this is not the most important point. You see, 33% of email addresses change every year. Your email database is becoming obsolete day by day. With the portability of telephone numbers and the popularity of mobile phones, people connect their home phones and keep their mobile phones alive, which means that their contact database will continue to grow – and almost never grow old


coupon they get it in text marketing when customers see them, and often at the right time.

Consider this incredible fact: 95% of all text messages are read within 5 minutes, with a total reading rate of 97%!

Compared to other forms of marketing and communication, the mobile is the winner …

3. People who read the message will actually act

Reaching more people would not be of great importance if they had no effect on their actions. But perhaps the best news about text marketing is that it actually drives behavior. According to research conducted by the Direct Marketing Association, 70% of recipients respond to SMS (text) marketing messages, compared to 20% of emails. The same study shows that 30% of users can buy mobile offers, compared to 5% of emails.

Consider this …

94% of consumers who receive a mobile marketing offer call -action (Hip Cricket Research)

15% of consumers admit to increasing their mobile marketing ( eMarketer) based on a specific brand

. Quote (Quantcast Data)

33% of Americans Admitted to Receiving Mobile Coupon via eMarketer

According to ABI Research, the average return on mobile marketing marketing was $ 10 for every $ 1!

4th Your customers and members really want to listen to you

The most valuable part of your business is not your building or your computer, or a special equipment.

Text marketing allows you to build and maintain a customer database to have more loyalty for you and ultimately to work with you more often. And best of all, I'd like to hear from you more often. DMA research shows that the vast majority of consumers do not only want special offers and information by text, but that they offer more businesses and organizations to do so! Similarly, Nielsen Mobile has discovered that 70% of consumers surveyed are willing to receive ad information in a text message.

The real power of mobile marketing is that customers "choose" to receive your information. By wording your keyword into a short code, you want to hear from you. There is no better way to build a continuous (and profitable) relationship with your most valuable asset, customers.

5th Text marketing saves time and money

If you are doing a nonprofit business, you cannot deny that text marketing can increase your sales. But even if you don't want to sell anything, text marketing can help on the bottom line.

Text marketing can replace many costly and time-consuming tasks, much less. Will employees pay the full list if an event or game has to be stopped? Text marketing can make your work much better, faster and cheaper. Send postcards and place ads to promote a concert or meeting? Text marketing gets the message right at the touch of a button. And as people read their texts, they can reach a higher percentage of your audience! You can also include a direct link to a phone number, email address, or website so that recipients can contact you immediately.

It has never been as successful as SMS text marketing. And with less than $ 2 a day, you can use this powerful tool right away. Only run in 5 minutes with your own account and custom keyword

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