The Top 5 Apps for Free Phone Calls on Android

Mobile phones are one of the current civilizations, but if you still can not connect to another person because you do not have the luxury of making money to make calls, you're still out of the question. But thank you Android, there is already a big solution to the financial problem. Currently, Android offers apps that allow virtually anyone to make free phone calls. Here are the five best Android apps that allow them to call free of charge:

1. Guava

The Gizmo5 team has recently developed the Sipdroid Guava application that allows you to make calls to any US number – for free! Since this app has been acquired by Google, you can sync it with Google Voice to get free calls and texts. With this app, you can receive calls with your Google Voice number as long as you have an Internet connection.

2nd Google Voice

Google Voice now has an Android version. This application, which works in real time, allows you to receive voice and text messages from the moment they arrive. This is much better than the old version that checks new messages every fifteen minutes. The new version has a sync feature for inbound messages that, when activated, displays messages that are in seconds. But the most amazing feature you can get from Google Voice is to be able to send free text messages and make international calls with your Google number. Note that calls are not free here – just text messages. However, if Guava syncs with this app, you can make free calls

. Skype Mobile TM Verizon

Skype's Android version is the same as the iPhone version. After logging in, you can see your online contacts. Make free calls and send messages via standard 3G or Wi-Fi. Using your Skype contacts, you can even call your friends on your computer. Skype's call quality is not whimsical at all, though there may be times when the connection is jumping, but the whole call experience is satisfactory. Interactive, Skype is user-friendly.

4th Viber

The Android version of the Viber app allows you to call other Viber users free of charge via Wi-Fi or 3G. In addition, this app allows you to send text messages for free. You can also use this application as the default dialer. Other important features of Viber include the full call screen and pop-up text messages.

5th Rebtel

Rebtel has built-in dialer, which does not require you to turn on the application to do things. You just have to dial and you're okay. This app fits well with the Android contact manager so you can make free calls to anyone who installs the same application in your devices. Unlike other applications, you can make calls to Rebble without using Wi-Fi. This application is compatible with 3G and CDMA connections.

In the coming months or years, other Android applications are available that offer more attractive free calling services but from the moment the above applications are the best. Depending on your needs and interests, you can choose which application is right for you.

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