The ten most influential guitarists!

Hello all, I hope everyone's okay?

In any case, I thought I'd do this kind of comment kindly and early so that we all understand what guitarists are most affected in my life. Keep in mind that this is my list and my opinion, so please do not shout at me saying no one is on this list. Although I would like to hear the feedback and perhaps the best 10.

Nor is it okay. So here you go:

Noel Gallagher

Ok, I know what will come from most of them, "he's overrated", "He's arrogant", "He and # 39 is just a pop guitarist." But I judge anyone to write the number of high-quality songs that this guy wrote. Fine, with your own entry, just an average & # 39; guitarist, but give him a guitar and watch the cigarette and alcohol alcoholic reef or "live forever" melodic solo, or even the four iconic chords on & # 39; Wonderwall. You can override your arrogance, your personality, or everything you want, but 60 million albums cannot deny the fact that he is one of the most influential guitarists in British history and perhaps even in the world! He simply listened to a generation and wanted to buy a guitar, and ultimately, what was the guitar and the music?

Peter Doherty

While I started writing this list, I didn't notice how controversial this post might be. I know some people did not want to choose Noel, and I know you hate more for the next election. I know many people see Pete as a big drug, but would it really overwhelm the incredibly raw talent with your face, shot with Libertines? I mean, you just have to listen to "Don't look back at the sun." to hear that this is one of the biggest guitar songs of the 21st century. And like & # 39; Time For Heroes & # 39; Well, it's just a classic in terms of songwriting. However, the main reason that he has been on the list of his favorite guitarists is that when he plays the guitar, he really feels like a fucking guy and so is millions of others. Okay, not technically the biggest guitarist, but through our technical skills, did you pick up the guitar for hours? NO! We picked up to feel the music, feel what we're playing and we feel that we are the SCREAMING guitar!

John Lennon

So what can I say about Lennon that hasn't been said yet … Well, not really much honest. And I imagine that many will be curious as to why they are on this list. That's because he was the rhythm guitarist in the biggest band ever lived! This is the work itself. What's more, the ability to make a wonderful composition, I mean that any guitarist can throw a few chords together, but Lennon can, apart from others, give quality chords to these chords if you're listening to & # 39; The working class hero will see what I mean. The guitar is simple, but the lyrics are very strong and the song is very Dylan-esque. Lennon has never claimed to be a good guitarist, I am not technically good, but I know he's caught. & # 39; This sentence makes Lennon and the guitar an opitimizing … it can be as technically brilliant as it would be, but if the guitar does not sound good or if there is no feeling, then the luggage can be packed and going home.

George Harrison

Okay, Rolling Stone has named 21 of their top 100 guitarists. The Beatles better guitarist will never go from my list! Just as many riffs, licking and solo as the early things like & quot; I Feel Fine & # 39; and & # 39; Day Tripper & # 39; similar to his later work as & # 39; Yer Blues & # 39; and his own masterpiece, while the guitar gently blushes. Playing his guitar never seemed superfluous, and although his song writing wasn't as raw as Lennon wrote a song, it was a really wonderful song. From the opening curves, & quot; Something & # 39; the seventh fret into Capo here: Here's the Sun. & # 39; It was the guitarist who was 21 of the 100 biggest guitarists of all time, and I think the guitarist is worthy of praise. I can't wait to play the guitar in The Beatles Rock Band! Relax in peace with George.

Alex Turner

The first song I heard about Alex Turner was to look good on the dance floor. and what song was it! It was like a tail steak; Raw, hard and bleeding with passion! Opening some of Alex's tracks in this song flew as guitarist and person. How can this industry enter the industry without the need for fresh, 19-year-old advertising or promotion, and enter NUMBER ONE's first band! The debut of his debut album has been surprised and songs like & quot; Still Take You Home & # 39; and & # 39; Mardy Bum & # 39; still to this day. He's not as fresh as today and his side project: The Last Shadow Puppets & # 39; it took it down on a darker route. Others do not like this writing, but I think it suits him. There are some opportunities in your abilities that seem to be reflective in the 1960s. That's great! Alex has been moving in a variety of styles, writing about taxi jumping and chatting with girls, now on a darker psychedelic side. One thing remains the same … The ability to pick up a guitar and fuck a fucking riff!

Jimi Hendrix

Wow! This guy was LEGEND! I don't think anyone could argue that you are on this list or any of the lists. Rolling Stone Magazine made it to the 100th Guitarist's 1st place. Why? Just because the little fact that he was the greatest guitarist ever lived! Guy playing guitar is probably better than baby's toe than ever with my two hands. I always remember when I first heard Hendrix's guitar flash. I was 12 years old. I surrounded my friends and played for only one or two weeks. I don't think I've ever been so amazed in my life. As a young aspiring guitarist, I listened to the sounds of Jimi's guitars, incredible, astounding and infinitely inspiring. He blown away and still to this day. My favorite Hendrix number is & quot; All Along The Watchtower & # 39; And I know this is a Dylan, but that's why my favorite Hendrix song, because it makes it completely self-contained, barely has a shadow in Dylan that remained in the song. The Hendrix legend is always alive! REST IN PEACE!

Bob Dylan

Kb. 2 years ago I wasn't a lot of Dylan fans. It wasn't that I wasn't a fan, I didn't know more about it. Then a friend who looked up called for a musical audition to listen to some of his songs. And from that day I fell in love with Dylan. The songwriting ability is really incredible. Inspired by guitarists who have been up and down over the years, including the man in my list above. It is rather strange and surprising that Dylan has not been part of the Rolling Stone Magazines 100 Greatest Guitarists of All Time. When he looked through the list, I was shocked he wasn't there, I really thought it was. Returning to the guys. Of the greatest songs ever created, this was a man and some of the classic guitars. Take my favorite Hendrix song, All Along The Watchtower & # 39; such a great song on Hendrix, but this original Dylan song comes from a simple chord progress. Another song that is often considered very important in the guitar world is the & nbsp; & # 39; I remember reading a Total Guitar edition a few years ago, where they were browsing, how to play, and that was just a simple chord progression. I assume that Dylan's guitar playing might not have been out of touch with Rolling Stone, but when it comes to all the bands and artists inspired by The Beatles, Hendrix and Guns & N # 39; Rose, but only a few, you really have to sit down and notice. Especially when these people they are inspired are considered to be one of the world's greatest guitarists; Harrison, Hendrix, Slash. Bob Dylan is a legend! 34 Studio albums. Cant. Argue. With. That.

Albert Hammond Jnr / Nick Valensi

Ok, so I know it's two guitarists, but there is good reason for what I get later. First, let me tell you why I think you should have Stroke here. They are here because Strokes is probably the most important guitar tape of the 21st century. Now I know I'll be here on a limb, but the best guitar band in my eyes is the XXI. They made three albums in total, but these albums had very wonderful guitar tracks. These include & quot; Someday & # 39; and & # 39; 12: 51 & # 39; But the most notable New York quintet is Reptilia & # 39; and & quot; Last Nite & quot; Reptilians have a wonderful riff that passes through the poems, and like Last Nite, well, if you don't know this song and solo, then I'm not really looking into a guitar fan. Then comes to me why there are both guitarists here when really Nick Valensi is the leader of The Strokes, and this is because in some numbers the most obvious is Last Nite, Albert Hammond Jnr frees lead and especially solo. That's why I fell in love with the stroke, one of the voices that only penetrated. When I first heard this when I was 13, I thought "I'll never play that!". But when I actually tried it, I found that it wasn't as difficult as I first thought. His short solo, which gives the song a depth of simplicity, and whenever he hears, for an alternative music he immediately hits a chord and gets air guitars. In fact, if you look at & # 39; the side shows in the bottom image that the air is playing the guitar.

Gaz Coombes

For those who do not know which Gaz Coombes is, he is the leading guitarist in the English band Supergrass. For those of you who don't know them, I suggest you look at them, especially the debut album & nbsp; Coco. Anyway, many on this list, I wasn't always in Supergrass, I mean, I remember having two songs, but I only heard them on the radio. I don't remember what it was that made me decide to download them, but something just clicked. I downloaded their discography and have loved their songs ever since. These are one of those tracks that don't seem to have a bad song on every album if you know what I mean. The first song I've ever heard of is Alright & # 39; and although this song was a piano-based intro, this solo was so melodic and beautiful. However, once you get to know Supergrass and Gaz Coombes as a guitarist, you really see that he's doing what he's doing very well. The latest Supergrass album had some wonderful guitar riffs on it, Diamond Hoo & # 39; one of the best dirty thick riffs on the back. One of my favorite songs about Gaz Coombes is what is a bit slower with the big guitar riff, called Time. Any Gaz Coombes had a lot of influence on my guitar playing, especially in some of his later stuff, with some nice riffs.

Angus Young

So Angus Young, a great British guitarist. Well yes, British was born, they say! He's a great guitarist, I think everyone knows. Although Rolling Stone Magazine once again surprised me that Angus was at the bottom of their 96th list, which I think is absolutely ridiculous. Most guitarists, Angus Young, are one of the pioneers in the guitar and one of the most important people in the history of Rock. The dirty blues and the amazing rock riffs are at least 30. Anyway, I think I've done too much for Rolling Stone Magazine today. Angus Young's guitar playing is a great thing to do with many different levels. I remember when I started playing, I wanted to play like Angus Young and I did. I didn't keep my friend too long to learn the basics with & # 39; Back in Black & # 39; and when it happened, I felt good. I felt like I was a wonderful guitarist. And that's what Angus plays for you. Have & # 39; Hells Bells & # 39; for a more intermediate guitarist and then all the blues solos for the more advanced guitarist. It's amazing. I don't think there are many guitarists out there where an 11-year-old is a non-guitarist who is as good as a 50-year-old, but it is AC / DC. and playing and writing Angus. I guess without Angus Young and AC / DC the guitar wouldn't be the same, and my guitar wouldn't be.

Suppose that the list is now over. This list was a very difficult list and made a lot of time and effort. There were also some guitarists who were on the list, but I had to put the pen on paper at the end of the day, otherwise I was there all day. How about 10 of the best guitarists inspired by us? It's a good workout, and maybe even a passion for guitar songs that haven't been playing for a while.

I hope you enjoyed the post.


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