The Spirit of Desire

The Year 1984. Wider, Dr. Luke Osborn works as a specialist eye specialist for retinal surgery. It is a privilege for a new doctor to break away from the very rich, whose generous promises have created this new facility, but Luke remarks that he is not. He never owned this much money or lived with jerky extravagance.

This new institution is the dream project of AJ MacNeil as head of the institute. Of course, at this event, his wife, Agnes, and his adult children, Lucy and Elizabeth, are sharp. Oddly enough, the two girls are very different. Lucy is a lawyer who is dark, thin, drunk and angry. In contrast, Elizabeth, a teacher, is fair, slightly overweight, sober and pleasant.

His first conversations with Lucy complained of eye surgery: "Not only are the mistakes missed, but the cover pages." Would you like to talk to her if she worked with her eyes?

At the party, Luke is director of clinical research. I like to accept this position because you see yourself as a surgeon, not an administrator.

As he leaves the party, Luke is shocked. The vehicle is being stripped. Tires, wheels, bumpers, mirrors and radio are missing. How do you get home that is two and a half hours?

Lucy made an agreement to lead him home. He's a little drunk and runs his expensive sports car quickly and too fast. The dog was abandoned, hit a punch and collided with a tree. Luke and Lucy looked for everything but found nothing.

The next day is a woman's body. Sometimes it is a judge's wife. Because he died of blunt trauma. Since the police were not called, the logical conclusion is that Lucy was quite drunk and accused of being on the car.

Lucy needs Luke to convince the big jury that he wasn't poisonous when he turned to Luke. This is how their relationship begins and rapidly develops through the marriage of individuals to the justice of peace. Did she marry her for love or to test her testimony? Or does Luke marry the boss's daughter for her career?

Luke comes from a family where his father ruled, his mother was passive, and had five brothers. It's a little skeptical when you start this relationship because your first wife killed you. However, it allows Lucy to quickly take the lead in their marriage.

Lucy, as a lawyer, deals with the protection of a television evangelist of a child's apostolic church, accused of rape. The Hower Bain video is under surveillance to stay alone with the girl. How can someone protect you?

Hower is separated from his wife, son and daughter. He says this is because of their differences in belief. Could it be unbelievable?

This case requires Lucy to travel and spend a lot of time with Luke.

Lucy is pregnant and Jennifer is born before time, less than three pounds. With two highly recognized professional careers, they decide to marry their daughter.

The care of Hower Bain, however, seems to be a time commitment rather than a newborn. Rebel claims his own rules, which are not useful, for example, against a lawyer in a five-minute television interview. Or go further with your commitment to the case?

Luken has his own challenges. Sandra Perezet was dismissed as a colleague. Luke's colleague Modesto Sanchez ordered him to give him a bad assessment. Sandra confirmed Luke's father, AJ, which had caused the patient harm and whipped the surgery completely in the wrong eye. He thinks Sandra. How does one face his boss and his fate, who claims to be loyal, even if he is wrong?

The Spirit of the Soul is an event-driven report by Lucy and Luke. The pace is extremely fast with the book that lasts for several years. The hidden pearl of the story is art reflecting the story created by Betty Harper.

Some people only use others when they get in touch? How do you go about being a donor or a host? Or can we both be at the same time, or depend on all relationships?

He understands his topic as a former ophthalmologist. Salt Lake City, Utah, has won many awards and nominations at the Sandhill Writers, SEAK, William Faulkner-William's Wise Creative Writer Competition, and the Flannery O Connor Award for Short Match.

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