The radio was repeatedly used – again

I think I'm fortunate to have been a teenager during the turbulent 60s. The changes we have taken have had a lasting impact on the world now being called home.

Music reflects and in some cases aroused these changes and heard all this on the radio. In fact, the radio has changed with us over the years with the release of the freely formatted "underground" radio on the less-used FM band.

We are changing in 2009 again. Although the transition may be less "in your face" than at the end of the 1960s, it will have less impact and the radio will reflect these changes. There are some who do not recognize that the online revolution is really up to us – that our lives are tightly interwoven on the internet and we could not undo it if we wanted to.

The effect is probably best seen when we look at what's going on in the modern radio. The AM radio stations are talking now and, in many respects, those political experts who make their lives out of indignation in the news are crazy about the old intelligence agents who had been operating a few decades ago in air traffic. Even the FM radio, after the last bastion of creative freedom, is so overly commercial for it to be hard to recognize.

Enter the Internet radio.

If you have not ventured into the world of online radio, there is a great awakening. They provide all the musical style and taste, and in many ways this is a great choice that reflects the social changes we live through.

The Internet radio has done something else, despite the fact that it will have even more impact – it has dissolved the throttle taped by some large companies in electronic media. For those who were old enough to remember it, we saw this happen when FM became a viable radio tool.

Again, this is only the low cost of market access this time and the fact that there is no practical limit to broadcast the online number of stations means that the genie is well and truly out of glass.

I hear critics neglect online radio as one that will never compete with AM and FM stations because it is not mobile. Think about what mobile phone operators and wireless internet providers have been taking care of for the small problem and American car manufacturers are now internet radio buyers in some models of new cars.

To be honest for a while before AM and FM broadcasters and stations broadcast over the Internet are interrupted. In my opinion, this is a good thing since online broadcasters need some time to polish their actions. However, there is no doubt that the time of parody is coming.

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