The problem of communication capability: linking linguistic relationships in certain social situations

Did anyone ever have a party, workplace, classroom or travel, and did not find yourself saying anything?

Your mind is blind, its tongue is tied and the chance of joining slips

This dead air has many factors.

One of the reasons why your potential partner is not interested or motivated to communicate with you. Suddenly they will reply and feel. But this situation is usually not too common and not too straightforward to reject it and turn away.

But what's the problem if you both want to talk, but the conversation slowly fades, the themes disappear in the horizon and the silence sits quietly?

During the study of this phenomenon, I found some of the reasons why it might have happened.

One is a misunderstanding of the purpose of communication. They may automatically assume that the primary cause of communication is to exchange useful information.

Communication, however, has many other functions: networking, sharing, experiencing and sharing feelings, laughing and fun, learning how to think about another person, etc.

The problem of having too much focus on communicating information exchange will get worse when low self-esteem comes.

If you think you're likely to try to ask the other person. You try to share useful information with them or impress them. Of course, the ammunition will run out soon.

This situation is getting worse if you really do not have too many offers because there is no interesting or useful knowledge to share.

Here is my suggestion that will improve communication in a strategic way to eliminate these unpleasant conversational situations from your life

1. Focus on assessing and evaluating your performance and worrying about what the other person might think about you. Instead of focusing on worry, focus on the other person, focusing on the subject, and spend time with a friend. Share your thoughts, laugh, listen to jokes, listen to, think, and learn jokes.

2nd Interested in the world and what people say. Find the topics you are interested in, learn more, create your own ideas, and share it with people. Watch movies and talk about them. Read the books and tell them about your friends. Always teach yourself.

3rd Learn more effective communication. Improve your story with your skill. Learn to really listen. Ask the conversation partner and their stories. Learn how to attract people and topics to other people. Learn to be more passionate and enthusiastic.

In summary, go out of your mind, from your self-centered thinking, and focus on the outer word with the intention of learning, experiencing, and interconnecting. Have interesting conversations on a daily basis and gradually improve your communication skills.

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