The power to increase productivity

A thousand miles journey begins with a single step – Lao Tzu.

The human mind likes the complicated things. People feel capable of performing complicated tasks. The "one" is too simple, too secular, and perhaps even too offensive to suggest that a person seduce his performance.

However, the reptilian brain "the reticular activation system – RAS" – the seat of emotions, stumbles from complexity. He likes small tasks, "one" at a time, "a" small piece at a time. Too many tasks are being overcome. If you ask "RAS" how do you eat an elephant? Probably "a little bit at a time" would answer.

Enough the theory. How would you do this in practice? Imagine a sink that is full of dirty foods that need to be washed – a task that is harnessing a lot of hatred. Now see that large pile pots may seem overwhelmed. There is no problem at all. Take a pot, wash it and put it away. Then do something else. What? You think this guy is crazy. It works!

If there is nothing to do, sit back and watch the five minute television, come back and take the next meal, maybe a good fortune. In any case sitcom repeats; it will not miss much.

Certain tax return forms can be completed or some other project completed. This method would work well in a home office or somewhere where it would not be supervised. Keep two "paperwork" and creative side by side. Make one now, put it aside and continue the other task. The brain loves change in anything – different clothes, different kitchens, different cars, different "anything". If you go through two different "one" tasks, you are interested. It works.

I did not say two things at once. Perform a "one task", continue the next "one task", repeat it. Finally, if you are bored, end both tasks and return to them later. Do you have a greater chance of ultimately carrying out these tasks when you have attacked them several times on a "one task" and wondered how to complete the tasks I have long forgiven?

Well, the simple answer is that if you kept it very simple, you're up to your job again, and when you "appeared" then it was "one thing", time passed and work Done. He did not delay.

Deferral occurs when a task is considered painful, difficult to perform, long-term, or the results seem overwhelming and insecure. You do not have to know that the work is over, it will only appear again and act in peaceful steps – perhaps even this "one step".

If it's extremely boring, mix it with some exciting music or activity and do this one step a few times. No more objections, please. It's not easier to ease it.

If you do not do anything, life will in any case pass it on to you. Will the next five years be similar to the last five years? You have to choose. Your quality of life is the result of your choices and your management. Choose wisely … Choose the right direction.

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