The pace is key to audio, video and live presentations

This morning I heard about our local radio station about an upcoming event in the city. He started countless things with brilliant energy. But after the second or third third, I lost track; then I lost the emphasis because more things were mentioned; and I never got when, where or how to get tickets, as the female voice ran to the end.

Every business owner or professional speaker should realize how fast or slow you are talking about really important. First, be aware of the content you need to communicate with; secondly, the facts important to the listener must be clarified; and finally, set the tone of your voice to engage the students. These three key elements are affected by the spoken rate.

  1. Content Priority

Too often writers try to include every possible detail in the script. This is because marketing writers do not copy writers or business owners, marketing professionals who are inexperienced in the various media, or someone who thinks they have a good voice and can also copy.

For example, in the radio announcement heard, the copy was too long. It could have been shorter or three short announcements. Since it was radio traffic, the average student can only remember two or three main reference points.

The biggest mistake you can make is that you can talk the copy as fast as you can while you try to fit all the information in a limited time. Students do not have their printed copies in front of them, and it takes longer to hear, join their brains, and then receive them. Slow down as if you were talking to someone.

  1. Important Notes

For example, a professional broadcaster on the radio knows that the last line of contact is the most important fact that the student responds. For example, the phone number or date is described. If it skipped or fades, it doesn't help people to buy or go to the store.

Set the speed for significant facts or events to stand out, so the listener will listen. Talking in a video, webinar, or podcast, and all the items in the list rushed through; you can create a monotone without anything outstanding as memorable or interesting.

  1. Your voice is your business

The voice of your voice is the signatory of your signature who influences students. The rate of speech may indicate age, energy level, reason and emotional impact. For example, I knew immediately that I heard the younger radio on the morning. I appreciate everyone who speaks quickly with energy to create excitement or expectation. However, as a voice director, I encourage my clients not to fall into the message. Speaking too fast, the words are run together as if they were rolling and nothing is different.

You can get better results by taking the time to emphasize your keywords: louder, softer, unique hue or pause. This automatically slows down the step, so it's a good way to test your script. Speech competition does not allow different sounds. The possibility of creating an event becomes thinner and not audible. This is often the case for women who are too quiet or loud. If you speak too fast, your depth will be lost.

The next time you record a microphone or speak live, take the time to motivate the listener in your speech. If so, all the other aspects of your voice and commitment will shine on your listeners.

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