The most common problems with Android smartphones and their solutions

In 2007 and 2008, when Google and Andy Rubin and their team of researchers and engineers breathed their breath in the form of an Android phone, the little man knows what a digital revolution will be. "Sooner" was the first vision of what an Android phone would be like and was built with HTC in 2006, and in 2007 T-Mobile collaborated with them as a testing partner.

and people are juggling at the same time with several Android phones and experience the benefits. Android phones have influenced the way people behave and think. What can be overweight?

As we all know, there is a reverse page. Android phones are not lost. Let's see the common problem that Android phone users are facing and how to solve them

Low Battery

The low battery is always an annoying problem with Android smartphones. Charging several times a day is not fair for an enthusiastic telephone user, as it takes a long time to charge 100%. To extend the battery life of your phone, wipe all applications running in the background, turn off mobile data or Wi-Fi, if you do not use it, reduce the brightness to the comfort level, and turn on battery backup mode. These small hacks can save you a lot of batteries in emergencies and other situations.

Slow Running

There is no doubt that users are wrong here. The slow-moving phone reflects the habits of smartphones. This is because there are too many applications for too little internal storage, too many photos and videos, application cache and application data, and applications that run continuously in the background. Just like a person who can walk on a less loaded stomach or quicker than a filled stomach, a smartphone will work faster when heavy files, applications, and garbage are gone. Delete any unused apps or try the lighter versions. The application cache is a major cause that significantly slows down your phone. Go to Settings> Applications> Clear Cache. Learn more about how to delete the application cache and delete application data on Android for a faster work phone.

Losing Wi-Fi Connection

The Android Wi-Fi Sleep Policy turns off the Wi-Fi connection while the phone is in standby or sleep mode. This is not a bad problem because the battery and data consumption are saved, but for those who need timely updates and notifications, the problem is easy to solve. Go to advanced Wi-Fi settings and select "Never" to turn on Wi-Fi during sleep. You should be sad about deleting your old media content from your phone, just delete them on cloud servers like Drop box, Google Photos and Google Drive before deleting everything.

Applications crash

Some applications may crash suddenly due to overloading the cache or application data. solve the problem, then back up your application and delete the application data and restart the phone. Download and reinstall the app from Google Play.

Warm Up

Some Android phones get warm due to manufacturing or other errors, or perhaps due to the presence of heavy applications such as gaming applications and Facebook. Try not to use your phone while charging, and do not use heavy applications or use lighter versions. It gets too hot.

Accepting Auto Correct

Does your Android interfere with automatic correct word suggestions while writing your message? If you find it irritating, turn off Settings> Language & Input> Android Keyboard> Auto Repair and tap & # 39; Off & # 39; button. Follow these steps to resolve them and become a happy Android user.

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