The Master's duty and meaning in Chinese culture

When referring to Chinese education, Confucius can play a key role in Chinese education history. His teaching and education concept is deeply rooted in the spirit of the Chinese people, while his reputation and ideas are widespread overseas.

Even today, in some leading South East Asian countries, it continues to support Confucius's struggle against modern Western civilization. From "Kung Fu Panda" people find that Confucius pedagogical concepts are deeply branded. Confucius in the notion of education, he supported the moral education.

In the spring and autumn, due to the great changes in production conditions, the superstructure became a reality and created feudal laws in different states to limit the privileges of the aristocrats owning slaves. In the light of this situation, Confucius suggested the theory of the merit of dominion, in addition to enlightenment offered to the ducks and the audience, to try to preserve the criterion and institutions of the Zhou rites to normalize and limit the interests of slavery, the patriarchal clan system. In Zhou, under the clan's slavery, the patriarchal system was no less than a hierarchical system, ethics was the same as politics, the clan's power matched the political power, and the monarchical power and patriarchal power were consistent.

Therefore, those who have shown parental favor with home parents and older brothers would be loyal to rulers and vice versa. Confucius supported the foundation of the "people" for the patriarchal system to preserve the patriarchal system – to preserve the Zhou hierarchy.

Later, moral teaching is an important part of Chinese education, passed on from generations to generations. In his theory, "goodwill" can be the highest concept of morality. His moral education system is based on "childlike duty", "etiquette" can be regulated, followed continuously by "loyalty and forgiveness" and directed by the "Mediterranean doctrine".

They also promote morality, for example, wisdom.

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