The importance of interpersonal communication skills

Interpersonal Communication is the transfer of information from one person to another and their understanding of using a common language or symbols. This is the mode of interaction and always happens whenever you want it to happen or not.

Just because you send a message does not assume that communication is happening. Without communicating with both the information and the other person (understanding the message). The effectiveness of communication determines the level of happiness and success of life.

Most people do not think and do not realize how they communicate with others. It affects how you look, understanding body language, attitude, perceptions, understanding the process, and understanding the needs of yourself and others.

It was found that the average manager communicates 80% of their time in different ways.

15% reading

10% writing

[19595002] However, reading and reading in average school is the most important lesson in writing.

Your client's opinion and relationship with your organization depend on your image that comes from your interaction. The judgment of the quality they provide affects their decision.
Interaction with others creates a picture in your mind, whether someone is trustworthy, disgusting or someone worthy of their time.

The CEO, seen from a distance and away, can cause a lot more damage to a company in time, in image and production than in many other aspects. This includes workers as well. Most employees handle your clients and clients as they handle it. Is this good news or bad news?

Interpersonal communication goes hand in hand with personal contact, marketing, advertising, sales, employee interaction, shareholders, employees, supervisors and management, and PR.

For the development of technology, learning, accepting, and using effective communication is essential. You have to take the lead in its growth, time, production, growth and credibility. It is also important to recognize that communication across devices and the media involves various challenges and considerations.

I considered that election disputes unfold and I noticed that some commented on the fact that one of the leaders was not too good about interpersonal messages to the camera. They personally said they had a great personality, but could not pass this message to the audience. This, in turn, influenced the campaign and the results in polling stations.

I'm getting more and more confused about emails from colleagues and other employees. It creates harsh feelings and confusion where nobody is willing to do it. By learning the communication process, such challenges can be greatly reduced or even eliminated.

Communicating with each other at all levels is essential to deliver competitive advantage in business.

"The English EmpĂ­rist philosopher John Locke in the Essay
Concern of Human Understanding (1690) clearly defined this view, according to Locke, the words have no natural meanings: thoughts are individual volunteering . "

Why is this important because we often refer different words to different meanings and therefore decrypt a message other than the one intended. This is another reason why clarity and understanding are essential for today's business growth and growth.

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