The Importance of Effective Communication Skills

This article could have been entitled: "Nothing but doing it." After all, is not this what most people think? The dominant idea is that there is no effective communication but getting up and doing? This is loud, you have to hear it badly! The reality most of us are not as good as we are. We have to learn a lot, but we're not alone. All we need to know is that we can all be better communicators. This is so important.

How Important These Skills Are

Recently, one wrote "effective communication is the most vital of all viability." Furthermore, "this is not only an important skill but also an important personal and professional success" (Communication Skills, 2017). According to the National Association of Colleges and Employers, employers are important in communication skills for technical skills. (Association of National Colleges and Employers, 2016)

This importance in your professional career can not be underestimated. An author asserts; "the ability to communicate effectively with their superiors, colleagues and staff is indispensable regardless of which industry they are working for" (Doyle, 2017). Good communication skills lease you, ground promotions, and lead you to success throughout your career.

Good Communications in the Army

This is certainly in the Air Force. I remember in 1979, I was a young officer, Squadron Officers School. It certainly seemed that the greatest attention was paid to the development of effective communication skills during the course. I can not imagine it has changed since then. Due to the development of effective communication capabilities, the Air Force is part of our important professional military training.

Yet, I'm saying you can ask any senior military leader and have a terrible story about their first information or public talk. We all have stories that can be said. This is because effective communication skills are just that – skill. You can not leave and just "wing". You have to learn and practice. The more you exercise, the better it will be. As Dr. Dale Carnegie says, it must be practiced, practiced and practiced (Carnegie, 1915).

Effective Communication Practices

Practice not only helps to build good habits but also helps overcome the public's concern. This fear is often the difference between the actual communicator and the poor. It is the development of self-growth and personal voice.

As we develop our own voice, we must not forget that we become even better communicators, the more we listen to it. Active listening is an ability that many of us need. The more we understand what our audience want, the better we can coordinate communication with their needs. This is the essence of effective communication.

Finding the place to practice

So the question is where we can practice and develop the skills discussed here. Most people do not have such opportunities. Fast reading of the courses at local universities is not very encouraging. But this is hope.


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