The importance of developing good communication skills

They say that men are from Mars and women come from Venus – and sometimes they really feel like talking to two different languages. Each pair of even communication problems arises, or two, either sobbing or steady, "he said," he said, "that he may be afflicted with a relationship. But do men and women really communicate effectively with each other? Or are they too different to ever look at face to face? Good communication is possible, but effort is needed. Read more tips on managing communication crises:

First of all, good communication comes most often from two sides that are actively seeking a mutually beneficial solution in an emotionally-free environment. Do you see the problem here? In those times when we need good communication when heated arguments are concerned, we are struggling with those who have the right and those who are ill!

When an argument is heated, it is easy to say things we do not really understand in order to prove the points. In fact, did you know that in such situations IQ could drop by up to 20 points? Your mind moves from the logical to a fight or flight response that is designed to treat this type of stress. You may notice physiological symptoms, such as sweating, sneezing, and fast heartbeat, indicating that a logical state of mind has become emotional, reactive thinking.

Recognizing symptoms is a key step in recovering the communication process. If you feel like you are getting more emotional, ask your partners for a short while not to say or do something you do not understand and will regret later. Restart the conversation if you feel comfortable enough to talk rationally.

Or – if you can – use these physiological effects as a cue to return to the path. Try to figure out to really bother and to express it clearly to your partner. Keep in mind that you always use the "I" statements in your conversations. Statements such as "You never want to spend time with me" or "You do not really help around the house" are wrong, and you just send the conversation back to the emotionally charged empire.

Finally, do not forget that it is difficult to make a serious, rational conversation when it is bombed by external confusing factors. Do not try to have an important conversation in a crowded public place or at night in front of the television. In the meeting, they give full attention to their partners in order to respect those who are interested. You will be better able to pick up the little signs like posture and intonation that show that your partner really feels.

Men and women never see eye to eye when it comes to communication. After all, we have some quite different differences that are often open and honest with each other. However, developing good communication skills is an essential element of building solid relationships and can be realized. So, take this guide to the Martians or the Venus vocabulary, get up and be ready to take advantage of the good communi- cation rewards.

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