The impact of the development of science


Originally, clothes were made of wool, linen, silk and cotton. Today, there are many improvements and changes in the texture and quality of the dresses. For example, polyester and nylon garments are wrinkle-resistant. Dresses made of asbestos are fireproof and the clothes made of plastic are waterproof. They are all used in modern times.

Dresses are used solely to protect the body from weather conditions, but also to improve appearance. Dresses are also the symbol of our civilizations.


Using old-day animals or walking was the only way to transport goods and travel from place to place. After the wheels were made, wagons, wagons and horse wagons were used.

Science, dual-wheel, three-wheelers, cars, buses, trucks, metro trains, aero planes and ships are currently upgrading science.

Trams are still used in transport in Kolkatta today. The country's first metro line was launched in Kolkatta.

Kirk Patric a Scottish blacksmith developed the bicycle, the poor man car in 1839. Bicycles are widely used by people in many countries. The bicycle is a light commercial vehicle and does not require fuel.


Long ago, man was regarded as a communicative tool. He used to be walking from place to place or traveling on animals to send a message. Today, it is used by postal department, telephone, e-mail, fax, courier, websites and mobile phones.


Radio broadcasts are broadcast by radio waves. The radio signals can move in air and vacuum. After months to months that messages could travel from one place to another. Today, messages arrive almost simultaneously in different parts of the world using artificial satellites.


Communicating with language. Remote communication was possible because of the revolutionary phone conversation. Nowadays, we can directly dial and contact people worldwide via the STD (Subscriber Node) and ISD (International Subscriber Dial).


People spend most of their spare time in front of the TV sets. Television is the most important convention of the 20th century. Programs from all over the world can be viewed in the comfort of their homes. It's a strong medium.


Computer is the most advanced communication tool. Exchange of messages or conversations can be transferred to any other part of the computer from any part of the world. The world of communication has been revolutionized by e-mail, websites, etc. You can also send confidential messages quickly. Your computer is an electronic device that is known for its speed, accuracy, consistency, and storage of information.

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