The Impact of Internet Television and Radio on Young People in Nigeria

There is a growing communication mix with the emergence of the internet in Nigeria through online television and radio. Due to its interactive nature, more and more people are starting to watch television and radio over the Internet.

Teenagers link the news and lifestyle on the Internet better than in mainstream media, despite the fact that the nation has several TV and FM radio stations. Social media made it easier for people to watch videos on Facebook and YouTube. Millions of people around the world have become available on online television and radio platforms.

The fact that young people are attracted to online television and radio because they are computer literate. Even more because social interactions have moved into space. The Internet gives them the opportunity to connect with less restrictive or unrestricted thoughts

Interestingly, the agenda setting is developed between Internet communication, music and entertainment. Live and real-time updates made the Internet a reality for many artists, musicians, and media analysts. An Internet television and radio presenter, Barry Nwibira, AKPO's online television / radio, said his station was a huge follower of young people, that the future is here on the Internet. He found that the program that is currently at the Campus Matters anchor is among the youth population. The answer was the same on online television Nijiezie and Kemdrex TV.

Many of the traditional television and FM radio stations are beginning to explore the Internet to reach their followers to keep up with the ever-changing

However, the high cost of data and the interruption of the Internet service still pose a challenge to the Internet as a whole television and radio. in terms of using communication as a means of communication in Nigeria

. Investments in the information and communication sector in Nigeria, online television and radio have seen a huge change.

The benefits of Internet communication are so many considering the multiplier effects of agriculture, commerce, education, science and technology. , sport and fun. Further barriers to development would be opened up, as many businesses launched by young people through online television and radio communication would become easier. One of the great cases of this change is the integration of developing nations' economies like Nigeria through information communication and technology (ICT).

Action is planned by government and other critical stakeholders.

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