The impact of GSM mobile phones on Nigerians

Considering what our life was all about before the GSM evolution about 6 years ago, it makes clear how the GSM has a positive impact on the Nigerians. The way of communication and business has changed tremendously, the way people live in a different way, overlapping every aspect of life, so I'm glad to talk about it but it's not "ohuru" yet.

Job creation and employment is one of the good things that GSM brings to us, the sector is the industry's highest, which is the industry's largest sector In the past, both skilled and unskilled laborers have been employed. Many people, especially young graduates, are employed by GSM companies where they live and are useful to their families.

In addition to this direct employment, workplaces have been set up, where many have their own GSM business, one of which is making calls and selling recharge cards for GSM users. This store is known as popular business centers or call centers. Looking around cities, towns and even villages can hardly be walked without two poles to see a business center primarily featuring the use of umbrellas, kiosks and even shops painted in the colors of mobile operators. It's easy to start because there is little startup capital, in fact, only the shadow, the stool, the table and the handset we spend with any amount of calling device, say # 1000, and it's started. It provided for the livelihood of many people who would be unemployed; some of them have learned the technical aspects of repairing and repairing mobile phones in repair shops.

GSM phones and accessories are a big business, and they are very lucrative in Nigeria, and I think this is the biggest gain of the revolution. It has indeed provided rich wealth to many who are in great business times. The return on investment is excellent. According to statistics, more than 16 million mobile phones have been sold so far, currently 32.2 million mobile networks in Nigeria, mobile lines grow to 43 million in the first half of the year and some 76 million mobile phones in 2011, all indicating how the market and where it is. Many people have actually touched this upswing. This business is very lucrative. If you've ever visited Computer Village, Ikeja, Lagos, will understand the truthfulness of the statistics and researches mentioned above, then the market is the largest plant on the African market.

Businesses are preparing for these days, reducing the risk and cost of long-distance travel, since they can be in one of the homes and can actually access the business using the mobile phone. We all brought it all over. Nowadays, businesses are working on the speed of thinking, such as the planned Bill Gates.

Cooperating with organizations such as banks; use integrated GSM technology for mobile banking where the client has full access to your account via mobile phone or device. Testing bodies and educational institutions are also using this technology where candidates can check their results on their cell phones, access the Internet from mobile phones and other value-added services such as picture messaging, music playback, and so on. .

Socially benefited from the social responsibility of providers and telephone companies. Some provide education opportunities, AIDS advocacy campaigns, ICT labs, hospitals, and sponsorship of multiple events. One of these events is the Globacom (Nigeria's one-stop provider) Premiership League, where huge sums are allocated to Nigeria football. Many people benefited from these companies as they had ambassadors.

It also affects our social life, relationships maintained with friends, relatives and loved ones are kept live by phone calls, personally enjoyed the middle of the night the free calls offered by MTN, have time to talk to my friends and loved ones. I know you have actually benefited and share your experiences here.

Due to investors' rapid growth and return, a number of investors have shown interest in Nigerian interest, the recent release of 3G licenses for four telecommunications companies, has the benefit for GSM users in Nigeria.

After pointing to some of the successes that have been recorded in people's lives, it is also worth saying that we expect cheaper quality services, such as Oliver Twist – you want more!

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