The history of mobile phones

Your mobile phone receives its name from the system used to receive calls. A radiated tower covers a cell of a few miles radiating the calls, and when a large number of towers combines a larger cell, it is created. If a person using a mobile phone travels through these cells, the call is diverted from one cell to another so we can talk on the move. Mobile phones are now a modern necessity, but the development of mobile phones has taken a lot of time, as it has come from tedious, barely functional luxury for elegant, reliable devices. Mobile phone history has made rapid changes that have led to the development of one of today's most widely used devices

The idea of ​​a phone that you could wear and use anywhere in the late 1940's, but it lasts almost 20 years before the FCC cooperates in order to create useful prototypes. When FCC finally allowed enough frequency to develop a cellular phone system, the idea started and AT & T's companies started to develop prototype phones and wireless networks.

In 1973, Motorola introduced the first portable mobile phone Motorola DynaTAC 8000X can not become commercialized until 1983. They were very far from today's slim phones and were over 12 inches in length and nearly two pounds. The first mobile phone spends much more than today's phones for $ 3995. The battery was capable of only one hour of talk time and only 30 numbers were stored.

Fortunately, the mobile phone industry had nowhere to go, except for the first prototypes, and although the mobile phone was slowly developing. It lasted until the early 1990s for mobile phones to keep up to date. Mobile phones began to shave and in 1993 BellSouth and IBM came out with Simon Personal Communicator. It was the first phone with added features and boasted on a calculator, pager, fax machine, address book, and email device as well as a phone. This meant a weight of 20 grams, which was a major step forward for the two pound giants, who were predecessors. Costs also dropped, although Simon continued to dazzle the $ 900. By the end of the 1990s, mobile phones resembled today's mobile phones, since they became smaller, lighter and full of functions. Many people now understand the ability to communicate on the move, but not long ago that mobile phones were enormously luxurious. The antecedents of the mobile phone showed a device that was hardly widespread in just a few short years.

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