The History of AM-FM Radio

In 1872, Joshua Coppersmith was arrested and charged with attempting to steal money from gullible people who believed his claim that he could produce an instrument that would transmit voice over wires. Within four years of Coppersmith's arrest, Alexander Graham Bell had invented the phone that transmitted voice over wires just as Coppersmith had claimed he could do.

Originally the phone was blasted by critics as having no practical value. If transmitted audio over wires had no practical value, what would the critics think of a device that could transmit voice without wires? That's exactly what an AM / FM radio does.

In 1920, the idea of ​​plucking a voice or music out of the air from hundreds or even thousands of miles away had a magical quality that was difficult for us to imagine given the technological advances since then. Back then, people who lived in large cities could have kept up to date reading newspapers that were published daily but people who lived in rural areas were mostly out of luck.

It took days for the newspaper to arrive and then the news was almost a week old. Traveling to the city every day by horse just to get the newspaper did not sound very appealing either. No wonder these people were excited when they could hear the latest news on their AM / FM radio.

Despite all the difficulties of early AM / FM radio, people gathered around tinned sounding horn speakers or sat with earphones clamped to their heads with a rapt look on their faces as they listened to those voices from the sky. Houses and apartments are sprouted with huge antenna systems.

Never had anything to the imagination of the science-oriented youth the way the AM / FM radio did. Recently, we saw the same type of enthusiasm to take hold with the proliferation of personal computers and the Internet. Back then the AM / FM radio was just as radical to most people as the computer may have been to the older generation recently.

AM / FM radio was the miracle of the age. Now we just consider it another appliance and give it a little thought as a toaster, a washer, or an electric razor. The first decade of radio was one of the most fascinating times because the technology was advancing so fast. It was a lot like the technological advances of computers and the Internet today.

The non-battery powered radio that seemed impossible to imagine a short time earlier was common a short time later. Radios went from being a home made contraption to being mass produced and taking a place of honor in living rooms across America much like televisions to today. AM / FM radio was the first of several technological advances to come and radically change the landscape of the world much like televisions and computers would do later.

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