The concept of television

As I remember, my family was one of the first families in the neighborhood to buy television. The year was in 1949 or the beginning of the 1950s. The television received a black and white 10-inch screen in the middle of a large wooden cabinet. Everyone at the event was present at our bloc, who was available at the time the technician completed the installation. I remember clearly when the television was turned on; The first picture on the screen was the Lone Ranger and his stud in the famous two-legged poses. All those involved in the approval

by T.V. Before, the main source of external communication of world events was via radio. I remember our family members gathering around the radio on a rainy Sunday night, listening to the radio drama in silence and intense concentration. A good thing about this form of entertainment was that all people had to use their own imagination to create mental images of the conversation they listened to. This is what the younger generations of our society do not say today. It seems that many of our citizens do not have the opportunity to innovate, and would rather make someone else's decision. This may be a dangerous practice, especially if the decision-makers do not bear in mind the interest of the person

The concept of television

After evaluating the role of television in American society, it has been clear to me over the past half century what happened.

In the later part of the 1800s and in the first part of the 1900s, the Industrial Revolution helped to transform the nation into a nation of consumers. One way to do this is to convince the masses that they need what they produce to make their lives easier and more comfortable. This can be achieved through advertising and messages from the media (radio, print and finally television). The first thing that had to be done in the first half of the twentieth century was to make television on television.


In the early 1950s, I remember that the term "Madison Avenue" has been used a lot, but I have no idea how long it has been in life. This term referred to the massive advertising carriers on the east coast. In America, in the early years of television, programmers seem to have developed a certain test to see what the audience is interested in getting to know and concentrate on television programs that would pay most attention to viewers. At that time, the programs used most of the time to tell stories and advertisements (the ads slipped slowly) and took minimal time. Now that the majority of viewers take time to grab T.V, programmers have become more bold and can use up to 60-75% of the ads' sales time.


Wake up in America and return to reading, art, and other positive cultural activities. Also, be careful to take care of what you read, make sure you have something positive and increase your mental growth.

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