The best mobile phone for the elderly

More and more elderly people find mobile phones useful, but learning curve operating phones can be a bit difficult for them. Here is Matt Smith to save some great ideas from high-end phones. Matt is not a leader, but he seems familiar with his technical issues. The phones they choose are Snapfon EZ One, Doro 410, Samsung Jitterbug, Nokia C2-01.5 and Samsung Galaxy Note. I will pull out all of them in a few words, but at a certain point I'll give you advice on discovering the original short article and viewing the pictures. Snapfon EZ One is the only one specifically designed for elders. The most obvious feature is the large numbers that make reading easy (even without the glasses that are constantly disappearing). The buttons are simply intrusive without too much stress. "This combination of simple high-pressure LCD screen and high earphone volume makes the Snapfon. This is a clear option, Snapfon is a GSM world phone so it works on most media. phone manufacturer. "

2. The Doro 410 is a rounded-sided flip phone design that ensures it is easy to slide into a pocket or bag. It's also a large number and the monitor is set to print more. "An emergency SOS button similar to Snapfon, although not so big and easy to use."

3rd Samsung Jitterbug is very fashionable and useful and features additional cell phone features, such as text messaging and messaging. However, Jitterbug's unique feature is linked to the GreatCall service provider. With this, Jitterbug provides much more common sound instead of common writing and text writing. "If you want to enter a calendar event, you do not have to do yourself – you can call the operator, communicate the information and enter the event." Other features: Bluetooth and voice calling. "As it is the case with pure phones of the same kind as before, it can be used with smart cameras, applications, and access to the Internet as well, if you pay for a mobile data packet. "The quality of the call is great and can be set to be louder, Bluetooth works well and traditional text messaging is easy to access and use." Nokia is a good phone – far better than many smartphones two or three times the Samsung Galaxy Note features a large pen and pen, and the large 5.3-inch monitor makes it much easier to focus on content and the pencil-like pen Making use of his pocket on the bottom of the note. "If a leader who wants to buy smart phones the Note is a good choice. "

I must confess to you that I'm a fantastic follower of the Galaxy Note, maybe my fat fingers are like pen or mobility with a big monitor." For potential customers, their website is likely to be similar to their current appearance, Nokia C2 will certainly attract those who are tired of the bells and whistles of modern telephones and just want a good reception and something simple to know about your mobile phone. Choose the mobile phone you like. Welcome to the Internet at Go.For Matt Smith's original article do not forget the comment and is full of other ideas and people's situation with both the leading scalpels or disabled people.

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