Textualization – Advantages and Disadvantages

I recently heard about the introduction of mobile phones into Africa and about how much they use it for the social and academic relationships of young people, especially universities. Not only do young people do this – adults are increasingly using them.

Many people agree that the benefits of textiles far outweigh the disadvantages. Imagine what you do for people in Africa. It was reported that African farmers increased their livelihoods on incoming diseases, fluctuating prices, and texts from weather patterns. They also relate to city centers to control how commodity brokers influence their prices. Farmers can then change their behavior and access to global markets. Africa goes through a cell phone.

The wording saved lives. People use text messages to help them for worthy reasons, such as "Haiti" to be sent to 90999 to get financial donations. The Red Cross used texts transmitted through the Haitian prevalence rate, showing that the use of mobile phones could positively change the world. Wonderful way to communicate is love, pleasure, tranquility, fun, help and help. It has accelerated our communication and it seems that communication is one of the main ways of communication.

The wording has drawbacks. Wording makes it easier for people who cause others to conflict. An example in Nigeria where inflammatory text messages were part of the rise of mortalities in conflicts between Muslims and Christians. Another example, especially in the Western world, is the use of fabrication to attack the others. The words can be very devastating, and some teenagers commit suicide because of the effects of this continuous harassment.

Another dangerous aspect of fabrication while driving. There are documented examples of driving tragedies, especially when drafting teenagers during driving.

Then, of course, it is caused by the unfortunate celebrity and careless care of unclear criminals who cause destruction – they often change their lives forever.

full emphasis, you have to stop what you do and write and send the text. An accident occurs while people cross the road or walk in a crowded street. Security and good manners are needed here.

Text messages stay here – local, national and international at a glance – just learn the text without harming yourself or others

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