Teamwork is essential for good customer service

As manager of the hotel, I need to prepare new staff for the customer service mode of the hotel's standards. I help develop their customer service skills to provide the same great service to our hotel guests as every hotel in the brand in the country and around the world. One of the most important concepts I am trying to embed the roster's customer service representatives is teamwork. Without the hotel staff working together, it has become impossible to provide the right service to our guests and everything falls apart.

Good teamwork is an essential element of customer service skills. Let's go to a hotel where you can see whether teamwork is important. What are the most important luxury hotels that are waiting for their guests during their stay? They expect to check and provide the information, expect their rooms to be clean, expect food to be good, and expect them not to pay as much. All these expectations are built up and impress the guests in the guest's mind, and everyone has to wait and care for the guest to remain positive

Let's see what would happen if there were no team involved. What if the reception desk has to be able to handle everything at the hotel and meet all of the guest's expectations? Since there is no team in which to work, it will be a difficult task. It may be handled if the hotel has only one room but it needs daily hotel and hotel chains, and our team needs to maintain and operate it.

Communication between departments is the foundation for good teamwork. Without good communication there is no teamwork or co-operation, because no one will know what to do and when to do it. Just like in a team of sports, while a player is doing something, he or she must communicate his / her goals before or during the action to ensure that his team is working on his side.

However, if a player fails to understand communication, the whole game is lost. Just as the reception does not tell the household staff that the room must be free from allergen, the task will not happen and the guest complains that they have allergic reactions in their room and have gone to hospital

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