Survey says: Several people speak text like jargon

This is a universal dog, but we all do it. When we hear others, we use them and we want to catch them with a synonym dictionary. Or a big book. I'm Talking About Jargon

I want to say I'm over the glamorous gobbledygookon industry, but I'm bothering to say I'm bombarded several times. And enjoy (inserting a smoker's face here).

The Oxford English Dictionary argues that the jargon " is a special word or phrase used by a profession or group that others make it difficult." The definition itself is a barrier to understanding.

So why did we wait to use this technical language? Why choose fanciful words when regular people are doing the job better?

In September 2015, Nationwide Building Society published the results of the latest research survey (conducted in 2000 and August 2000 with British participants in 2000), revealing that the texts are shorter than the daily financial conditions. A large percentage of participants did not understand frequently used abbreviations such as APR (Annual Percentage), NCD (No Claims Discount) and BACS (Banking Automated Clearing Services), while almost all recognized text languages ​​such as OMG, LOL and WTF. 19659002] Finance is not the only illegal act. In the business world there are irritating treatment terms such as "exploitation", "thinking shower" (an idea sharing session) and "blue sky thinking" (creative thinking). But jargon is actually a nightmare for business growth. Companies are so used to being used, they forget that other people do not understand. But what if these guys are their clients or even their own colleagues?

A friend works for a famous telecommunications company and has recently changed roles. He showed me his new job description and read it twice, I did not know what he was saying. You may have been writing in hieroglyphs. I assumed that this was intentional on the part of the company, and only sought out the internal staff who were in the technical knowledge. But it turns out that both internal and external job descriptions are typical. After reading several roles advertised on the public website, you are still not the wiser. It was so hard to read and become a jargon, neither a professional writer nor a high-level employee of the company, no less mastery, head and toe. Ironic, given that communication is the nature of their business.

There is no consistency due to lack of understanding. This is bad for businesses. The jargon builds a wall between the company and the consumer. This creates obstacles between writing and reading. As the company is definitely the goal of establishing a relationship with its customers and employees, it does not exclude them from the club. Language has to involve people and a writer's job is to use the language to reach the audience and not push them.

Of course, there are times that are needed to actively cloud someone's understanding of the bottom line, and the jargon is a good way to do it. For example, in the medical profession

In the 1984 New York Times column, Dr. Perri Klass wrote that hospital jargon is vital for doctors to keep everyone sick and circumstances and cause blind panic: The resident describes a desperate terminal pancreatic cancer man: "He is basically the CTD," the resident concluded that I reminded myself that I resolved not to be afraid when I did not understand things.CTD? she asked shyly – the resident grinned at me. – Drainage .

This is a good example of "information" and "less" [information]. But usually the language is designed to allow communication and not to interfere. We are not all politicians who are trying to rotate a story. The jargon may be unnecessary, and this is the excess jargon that will keep us.

There is time and space for industry terminology. But in most cases, the jargon seems to alienate people and confuse confusion. The survey is turned on. People do not like what they do not understand. And they do not understand jargon.

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