Storing multiple contact data

Relocating to storing data on paper in a file cabinet or paper file is almost one thing in the past, and now all stored digitally. This includes storing all of your personal contact information. There was a time when everyone had their family and friends in the names stored in the address book – in alphabetical order.

When the correspondence was heavier and involved an ink ribbon pulled up and tied it to the paper to hand over a message to yourself and anyone who wanted to guarantee that someone in the house could find an address book. Of course, this was also when the information reached its postal address and landline number. There are now two dozen ways to get in touch with your friends and family – even with more people.

Some people still store all the important contact paper copies, largely because they are honestly said about digital storage is known to have bugs and their eyes can consume the ghost. Thus, technology development, thanks to everyone thanks to a mobile phone and various social network addresses, email addresses, landline telephones, fax machines and postal addresses, also requires the storage system to be developed and capable of providing all these contact information.

Smart phones are the primary source of storage, as they allow not only the information to be stored but also contact anyone with any keystroke. If you talk to a person with a very up-to-date smart phone and use it for every reason – business and social – every day, you need to recognize that no matter how brilliant this capability, there are errors in the system as usual.

Let's look at the relationship "dad" for example. Everyone has one; he is a busy man, an international businessman who lives overseas, no less because his relationships are huge. If you have two cell phone numbers, two work phone numbers, one landline phone number, one email address, two online phone numbers, four social networking sites and one postal address, the site is missing, digital is the way forward. Due to the nature of smartphones, however, these accounts and details are interconnected, so data, such as names, is shared. Most people will save their father on their phone under the name of "father", but social network management will obviously be their name. This disrupts the ironically-named smart phones and often meets the odd hybrid version that is less satisfying.

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