Starting a Business Presentation

I like to watch Sesame Street like a kid a long time ago. It's an American TV show with Muppet-style puppets. Each episode had some important learning points for us, but the program was liked by color, entertainment and songs.

One of my favorite songs was the ABC song that ended. "I know my ABC now, next time you sing"

Now this song always reminds me of the ABCDs of the performances. It's a neat neo-manic to help in the first few minutes of the show to get the right start and give you a lot of confidence to continue.

  • A – Warning
  • B – Advantages
  • C – Credibility
  • D – Direction
  • Warning

    "Not used, " Hello, my name is Paul Archer … "

    What do these three communities see? Yes, of course, the tastes, the whimsical, and the terrible humiliation of the antecedents of the show.

    The primary goal is to get the

    This is now helping you get in front of the audience and have done homework in front of you, especially when you deliver and submit it at once.

    I'm not telling you to be a joke. Maybe you can make sure it's a smug joke to show humility and not bother anyone sitting down.

    • Share a quotation. Thousands of people can get access to the Internet and may be able to fit into the account.
    • Say a story or metaphor that combines the main points.
    • Ask a Search Question
    • Call for Action
    • The Day of History. Log in to the History Channel website and subscribe to the email daily service. It's great and something has happened in everyday life that happened today in history. It is possible that you can combine this.


    If you understand your attention, you are ugly with the main benefits or the most important benefits that you can listen to and may even cause a ponytail. be obvious to you, but to think about our audience. WIIFM. What's in it for me? Think about the shoes and get some benefits. "I would like them to show them up-to-date signals that will help you decide the course next year."

    To seduce, excite and encourage people to listen to more. [19659902] Credibility

    It's important that we do this part if the audience has never met. Sometimes, under more formal circumstances, the Ceremonies Master will present you and help build your credibility.

    In most business presentations, especially on sales venues or "parades of beauty", you really need to strengthen your credibility. Do not forget this little thing. Do not be trapped in telling them everything about yourself, your story, your qualifications. This is a time.

    Use a reinsurance statement instead. This statement includes your name and your experience in both the customer industry and the industry and our experience of dealing with similar issues to the customer. "My name is Paul Archer, who has been helping them get bonuses around the world for nearly 20 years. Over the last two years, I've helped businesses like you to get better closing rates from your key account."

    I took a child on highways. My wife and I have a stake when the first one asks: "Still do you still have a dad?" Usually my wife wins. So I say, "Not yet Euan, we just went to Winchester, and we'll probably be in Nanas within half an hour."

    And happy for the next few miles. a brilliant tip for the other week to help with this exhausting purpose. Tell them where you are and how long you should go. "Hey guys, it's just happened at Stonehenge, you see it on your right?" "Nanas is going to go for an ice cream within 20 minutes."

    Since this council has never looked back and can use the same idea in your presentations.

    Tell your audience where you will be. Give them a clear direction. No agenda. They are related to books. Presentations need signboards to tell you where to go. At each node, the audience must remember where they came from and where they will go.

    The best analogy is one of these real estate purchase programs on TV. My favorite are Phil and Kirsty, who are doing "Space, Space, Space". Just as a trade break is taken, Kirsty will soon summarize the main points covered so far and one or two temptations that he will see after the break. This not only gives you a clear direction, but also makes you return to the break.

    And when you come back from the break, Phil takes over and reminds you of what they've done before the break, then tempts the greater benefits in the next 15 minutes.

    Wonderful thing, and definitely worth repeating in your lectures.

    So you control it and keep track of the way. And when approaching the final sign that the end is on the horizon, sum up each key point, remember the maximum performance of the three or three main points. Inviting questions; Never finish Q & A because if there are no questions, you will come out like a wet squid.

    Ask questions, deal with them, then reset your goal and goal, and stop doing it. The end of the sight:

  • Summarizing all key points
  • Inviting questions: Do not go through Q & A
  • Reassessing Goal and General Purpose
  • Definitive Completions – Call for Action
  • And now you know ABC … and D. You're singing me the next time …

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