Special GPS Devices: Hello? I'll be there soon!

The development of communication technologies has made it possible for people to gain access to others since mobile without losing their connection to their social environment. And last-minute meetings, daily changed plans, and canceled meetings have become part of our lives. The majority of cell phone owners should explain why they do not have access. Thus, communication is handled on an individual basis, and positioning restrictions are of minor importance. This means that a person does not have to lose contact with his or her own social environment, regardless of whether he is at home, at work or in a car.

We don't have much difficulty in using our devices to access communication technologies because we are walking at home or on the street. The problem will become more and more difficult when we start our cars. The main character of the car is the decisions of the car, the track and the use of the devices in the vehicle. Generally, the driver is responsible for driving the car safely without compromising himself and the passengers. But the driver is not just a robot programmed for a mission, that is, the human brain can carry on more than one job at a time. Although this situation is for the benefit of the driver, focusing on many things can cause deconcentration in the driver's seat.

Mobile phones remain the most important devices within vehicles. As the mobile phone raises questions about cars, many countries have discussed this issue in detail. And many countries controlled the use of mobile phones. As some countries allow the use of “hands-free” mobile phones, some countries have strictly parked.

The starting point of my dissertation was to create some projects that solve the problems of in-vehicle technologies currently in use. There are already some questions in my opinion that need answers: How do the technologies in the vehicle affect our car behavior? How better to design interfaces for these devices? How better can I meet the needs of the driver communication ?

I started my study to interview drivers to find out their in-vehicle needs. My goal was to find these questions in general? How often and for what purpose is motivation motivated? What do you need when driving a car? In addition to personal interviews, I made a survey with similar questions and sent it to people to receive mass feedback. My goal was to get a leitmotif I would like to focus on. Respondents explained that they had one or more cell phones . Although the use of mobile phones was prohibited in their country, they did not hesitate to use their mobile phone .

One of the projects is a navigation system interface . The currently used road navigators are based on tracking the map on the console or forwarding the next round to the driver via a certain warning tone. Such road navigators have a significant role to play in deconcentrating the driver when trying to track a small display. The most commonly used alarm systems can be confusing because the music is in the car or the passengers are talking to each other. For me, the road navigator must work without deconcentrating the drive, as the main goal is navigation.

My second project is Pronto, which integrates navigation and for use in the vehicle. Respondents stressed that most of the telephone calls are about where they are. Such calls can be reduced by the communication of in-vehicle devices . With Pronto, the driver once matches the mobile phone with the car, and when he enters his car, he synchronizes his mobile phone and the in-vehicle system with via Bluetooth .

For both projects, it was to transform current technology and tools to meet people's needs. Now both projects are feasible in the near future and expect production as a practical system.

The closing words are given to users. Now. Drivers who have the opportunity to try these projects were expected to use these systems in real life as well. If people's motivations are considered in-depth as technology develops, long-lasting and exciting products could be launched.

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