Smartphone voting – is it possible?

Does it make sense to simplify our choices and allow a smart phone to vote? It looks like a good idea on the surface, but it would be a security for hackers. It seems there is an application every day these days, what about the application? Well, this topic has recently been created in Think Tank and a thinker stated;

"I have to admit that it is very difficult to trust the government and become more and more difficult every day. So I can fully understand the more freedom the government has given to the difficulties, but I do not think that the voting application would leave any freedom as a physical survey, the application is just a quick way to do this, and the average US dollar is worth it and led gas money back and forth. "

The application and misuse; well, though only a tool to increase efficiency and see the offer application, would only be a tool for a faster feedback cycle of government and politicians, on the one hand, it would be wonderful, on the other hand, would allow One reason why I think we have controls and balances is to slow down the speed of government change to protect the government from moving too fast and grabbing people.

Stability is important in a large complex system, and when things change very quickly and people are not sure about stopping spending and businesses are stopping investing and having problems. and lose their nesting eggs and politicians quicker nyszerĂ­thetik their agenda, which is also a problem.

I think it depends on how it is used, and we did not know until we try. There are Survey Applications and query applications, but they are not widely used as sponsored by the government, they are always used – the frequency of their use is important, how often they are used and how often they are used? And what if the citizens want to give up? Don't vote? Don't you want constant texts?

Just like our voting apathy. What happens when people vote and government bureaucracy is otherwise – which is typically the case, even Washington DC's laws and laws often run counter to their name; For example, "affordable health law" is nothing affordable. Think about it.

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