Smart Phone or Intelligence?

Children are more absorbed in the gadgets and play games online and entertain themselves. These games began to weaken the minds of the children and the IQ down. They have become a Dumber and have no idea what socialization is among real people. Even if they meet real people, the modules are used and not mixed up. This smart phone has many side effects on the sensitive brain and eyes of children

Some of the bad effects are:

=> Children do not find the need for singing everything they need for a game and some for social conversation.

=> Not only children, but even elders tend to not socialize personally and lose the ability to talk and become immobile.

=> In most cases, this module is addictive, which increases, which can lead to psychological disorders. Even if you do not use the gadget, the individual may be injured.

=> These smartphones are mini computers. They provide clear access to the Internet, and teenagers are curious and see things that are counterfeit and try to experiment in real life destroying their innocence

=> can cause cancer that cannot be cured

=> Smartphones are also ways of social networking over the Internet. This is a serious problem. This makes people addictive to investing in emotions, even if they don't see the person, and once the game ends, they are psychologically confused.

=> Radiation emitted by smartphones is not only carcinogenic but also harmful to the sensitive outer layer of the human eye. This may in some cases prevent a person

=> All these are directly proportional to health and stress. The stress itself is on dangerous diseases such as diabetes, blood pressure, acidity, ulcers, etc. Reason.

=> Smartphones carry the word "smart", but in reality they produce more dumbs

. => The lubricating fluids of the body dehydrate due to lower physical activity and the individual is numb and his physical strength decreases.

It goes without saying that you decide to balance both modules and life. Especially for kids, they have no idea what leads to this, and the parents are equal sinners. Do they expect to choose smartphones or intelligence? Take the decision wisely.

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