Six ways to connect in the next 25 years

We are in the "Transformation Period". How do you plan your relationship for the next 25 years? It is recommended that people be 125 years old; the average person gets married and divorces three times before getting in touch. The average age of a person who finds true love is 75 years old! In the future, contact partners will be organized, selected, and resolved via eBay.

What can we do to reduce the divorce rate, reduce the number of single parents and strengthen our relationship with our partners?

I present six ways to do this, including selection, acceptance, communication, education, commitment and change of consciousness.

I think women are unnecessarily improving their selection process and want to reduce the number of unsuccessful relationships. Women can say 'yes' or 'no' to every relationship, and since men are not emotional passages, it is up to women to change the future of relationships. Women are committed to building successful relationships, as evidenced by their participation in seminars, churches and personal growth and development workshops. They are the first to see the therapist, contact, or contact. When comparing to a house, men focus on housing mortgage and maintenance, while women focus on internal aesthetics or home details.

Life is seen differently; we always try to show our partners how life looks from our perspective. The problem is that our partners do not see our lives with their glasses, most of them can only see their world with their own eyes. The solution is for someone who is willing to see you with your glasses. Anyone who is interested and committed to the interpretation of your story, perspective or life is a gift.

Most people focus on conversation; very few authentic and active students. We can only hear through the distortion and interpretation of life. We see and understand life in a unique way; no one sees life in the same way, even the twins. Work and expertise are a hearty listener who is more interested in validation and empathy than interpretation and judgment.

How would schools be teaching children How to listen and read and write? Hearing is more important than speech, as more than 60% of all communications are through body language. Nobody really listens; they judge, interpret and figure out what they say before you finish if you finish. Interpersonal skills weaken with the emergence of technology, emails and textiles.

Communication, commitment and continuous personal growth and development will be the cornerstone of future relationships. As this fast-paced life changes like computers and mobile phones, you have to adapt to the changes and challenges of relationships. If we are alone or in partnership, commitment to the waves of life will result in a smooth journey at the end; and that means someone chooses the one who is worthy of their life on the surfboard. With increasing coexistence, people need to know that the failure rate is higher than the divorce rate; Marriage is the best commitment for a relationship.

Changing Consciousness
Relationships are like fingerprints. Two connections are not the same. Our unconscious thoughts are created with historical images and imprints that will never go away and affect our thoughts and actions. The world is increasingly questioning global warming, food shortages, polluted water, energy and financial structures. It is time to focus our attention on future relationships if our children have hope for survival. The family structure is a safe haven for getting to know the basic skills of life.

Every relationship begins with one person, but the next person starts friendship, tribe, village, family, community, neighborhood, or partnership. Any bad or great relationship affects the planet. If we do not create stable and healthy relationship models, consciously loving families will disappear as the Antarctic polar bears. The family is indeed one of our greatest natural resources. Teach your children about recycling and family values ​​by modeling. It's time to get into the "Transformation Period".

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