Simple SMS marketing guide

SMS is a short message service and typically comes in 160 characters of text messages between mobile phones. The SMS uses a unique network that warns the recipient that the second message arrives. SMS is a very fast and personal communication method that is parallel to the phone call in perceived trust.

What is SMS Marketing?

SMS marketing means the practice of building a list of mobile numbers, such as sending SMS advertising messages to these lists. Lists can be built in a number of ways, but there are rules ACMA sets out to make people agree to be included in their lists. Spam messages sent to one person are called Spam and are illegal under the Australian Spam Act 2003. Mobile marketers typically use SMS-based SMS to handle the SMS sending process. These mass-based SMS systems are prone to price and functionality. The best SMS marketing platforms are a good combination of cheap SMS and web SMS features. Make sure you only handle a trusted SMS gateway, as shipping reliability can vary a lot.

Access to SMS Send

The disadvantage is that the recipient wants to receive the message and find the message useful. There are two types of consent.

first Express consent

  • An opt-in check box in the web subscription form. This checkbox can not be verified by default, the person filling out the form must be ready to check to see if you want to hear it.
  • If someone fills out a form like a survey or a tournament entry, you can only contact them by telling them that they will be contacted by email and will report a box indicating that you want to contact them .
  • Customers who have been buying from you in the past 2 years.
  • If someone gives you your business card and explained to them that you will contact them, you can contact them. If a business card is displayed in a showcase in a fishing balloon, then there must be a signal indicating that they will be visiting SMS.

The recipient must clearly know that he or she may receive commercial messages in the future. You can not send an email to consent: it's a commercial message because you want to create a business relationship. Respect your consent, you must prove it later.

2nd Interested contribution

  • Through an existing business relationship. If an organization is in close contact with the number owner, for example, a club member or service subscriber message may be accepted.
  • A work-related issue with a striking appearance.

Your consent can also be accessed by publishing numbers on websites, journals or other publications. The recipient must be considered as belonging to the message. eg. If you want to send information about a technology product, the recipient must be identified by an IT manager. If there is a statement that you do not want unsolicited commercial messages, you will not be able to approve the license.

Building Lists?

The mobile marketing list needs to be built with caution and goodwill. Since mobile numbers and SMS are a very personal way of communicating, people do not want to receive messages from you that waste time and are irrelevant. If you choose people correctly and only send relevant and useful messages, they will remain on the list.

There are technically 3 ways to add numbers to the list.

  1. On a website by ticking an SMS opt-in check box
  2. For an SMS for this purpose or short code
  3. Manual

Encouraging people to join your list?

For people to join the marketing list, they can stimulate them in different ways. Some examples:

  1. Run a contest with a prize
  2. Run a survey and share results
  3. Submit a Bid for Future Selling and Discount Information
  4. Promise and Contribute Useful, Relevant and Valuable Information


Because text messages are personal, follow these rules.

  1. You can customize the message and add the names of the people.
  2. Identify yourself in the message.
  3. Tell them they came to get the message.
  4. If you're advertising space, just enter it.

Here's the idea to collect a name and a zip code when we collect your information. By gathering information, it gives a much better experience to the recipient, and is less likely to give up the list.

Allow Users to Block

A commercial text message should include an opt-out method by law. This can be a number, but now the industry standard allows people to respond to a STOP message. This method requires answering a number of responses to receiving and processing SMS commands. Certain SMS software, such as Burst SMS, is free of charge in your account.

Release Mechanisms

  1. Sending a promotional message is one thing, but connecting to a recipient is another.
  2. Add a mobile URL to the message that provides additional information and an interaction form
  3. Enter a response keyword that allows people to reply and other auto-reply answers. These can be set sequentially.
  4. Receive orders and books directly in response. Confirm with automatic message.

Different Types of SMS Delivery

Two main types of online SMS delivery. Direct connection where the SMS gateway is directly connected to telecommunications and international routing in your country. International routes are operated by SMS aggregators that use a gateway to deliver more cost-effective (19459011) SMS marketing than a direct link. Some international routes may be very unreliable, and some providers offer extremely cheap rates, but we can also pay the same amount as a more reliable link, as we still pay for unsatisfied messages.

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