Show a radio conversation in sample format

You and your guests can call the show any time before 15 minutes before the air time and be sure to listen to your guest and hear you. When you set up the call, you can do it and make sure everyone opens. You obviously want to press your guest as soon as the control panel shows you are in the call. Anyone joining the call. Eliminates mutes and mutes them as their questions arise in the cue in question when they try to ask questions after listening to their guest.

Do not start recording until presentation is started.

Here is a default format for a conversation where you would listen to the guest and later open the caller's questions:

o Introduction to the introductory presentation. . .

Welcome to the students and chat participants. . For example:

This is (your name) and I would like to welcome our callers and talk to (Meeting Name) where we discuss each of us (subject matter). We will talk with an interview (Guest or expert name) (or company or website) (about what the guest expert is). The interview is approx. It takes XX minutes and then we ask questions.

o Let's say the official interview of your interviewee – one or two sentences about their backgrounds, their results and their business (or whatever you and your guest have decided).

o Invite you to welcome your guest – For example: Hello, I am so glad that you (your program name)

o Start your interview by asking questions, areas of expertise, how long have you been working in the field, etc. . Always mention all the books or courses written by the guest.

o Continue your conversation segment by asking questions when you call a guest before the interview. Interview of guest / expert can not run in more than 30 minutes, but if so, do not worry.

o Make sure you've finished listening to your guest by connecting your product or site, or whatever it supports them. If you are associated, you will create a re-direct page on your domain that will go to your partner's page on the guest's product page.

o The Teleprompter will be open on the left side of the screen and the TalkShoe control panel will open at the right of the screen. You can view the cue in question and enter the username with the first question you want to ask for your guest.

If you are just a chat participant, you will be asked the question. If the caller is on the phone, turn off the caller and say "Hi their (Username)" to keep the names here, so who do we talk to? "The producers' forum seems to have a question (Use the abbreviated version of the question or its primary topic)," Do you want to clarify whether you can extend or extend your question to us? "

Ask the guest. Let the guest have enough time to answer the question, but if they have a lot of questions in the cue, they will shorten them diplomatically if the answer exceeds 3 or 4 minutes, saying" Great (Use your own opinion on this tactic), and then mute the last caller (Do not stop the conversation – go right to the next question in the cue), saying: "And who is Next question about (Ask the next caller and do the same for the caller and his question.)

o After answering the questions or asking all questions, the students of your product who are supported by your guest, and any webpage , which is promoted

o Remember everyone on your call what your name is when your next show will be broadcast and the next vendor ged, and what the topic will be the conversation.

o Give up your statement by saying something – Well, that is (your own name) – I would like to thank our guests (Guest Name) and all our participants on the show – next time (your name), saying:.

o Stop recording. Normally, recording can be downloaded or downloaded within 24 hours via flash media.

o You may want to download the program and re-upload the program. (See sources for free editing tools.)

You can format the program as desired. The above formatting example is just that; an example.

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