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We live in the wonderful age of the Internet infant shoes, where, if you look at the right place, many things are still free. Web 2.0 is the new requirement that modern websites now accept the use of video, audio, and social media to interact with customers, rather than just reading the pages, as in the past. Visitors to this web page are now expecting you to listen to the sounds or watch the videos.

Podcasting is a popular way for companies or websites to interact with customers or students. Often very similar to the radio, customers download the audio file and listen to it by adding to an iPod or mp3 player when they are walking, practicing or sitting in between the TV shows!

To use Podcasting on your website, you must be able to record the audio file, possibly with several presenter. You must allow customers to receive calls and then provide the podcast with RSS feeds so that iTunes Podcasting libraries can sync it with subscribers and have the embed code on their website. If you want to broadcast live, you must set up live broadcast. Although I know how to do this, it seems complicated! Unfortunately, I do not have the web programming skills to encode these things hard, so like many other Internet users I hunted for a short cut.

Response to the problems is Talkshoe is a free podcasting recording site that allows you to broadcast live as it is recorded. Once you have finished recording, the audio file will immediately appear in the list of programs in the archive, and customers can download or download their computer. If you need to change something or edit the file, you can download the file, add it to a program like Audacity, and upload it again to replace the program. This keeps the archives in order. There are news feeds that help you submit podcasts to iTunes and other libraries, and all the important syndication feeds and over time to those who find their downloads and enjoy them, I want to listen live and maybe even call. possibilities for mute callers when they first connect to avoid spam callers trying to spoil their programs. You may also prohibit any caller who does not swear or act improperly. This keeps you in control of the talkshoe dashboard while radiating.

You must be logged in to call Talkshoe and sign in to the call. When you sign up, you get a PIN number and a personal PIN. As soon as you put them on the talkshoe, you are ready to broadcast 250 people at once! Using Skype, depending on where you are in the world for a Talkshoe call, is a small fee. However, very useful gives you free step-by-step advice on creating a program called XLite that is free to use when calling talkshoe, so you can broadcast it for free. So you don't have to worry about sitting for hours, not minutes with the students.

When you enter podcast information, you can create a 300 x 300 logo for the podcast that is automatically resized and delivered to iTunes, which really looks smart if you are right. A simple Photoshop logo works best.

The talkshoe dashboard shows how many people are in the showroom for their show, how many students they have, and the downloads are logged and tracked to see who's not listening live, but later downloads or streams. Scheduled shows appear in the list of the following shows, so new users can notice and tune.

This type of podcast solution is free and makes a wonderful difference to your site's results. Podcasting helps keep customers and listeners and is very valuable to Internet developers. Hopefully it will be free for many years.

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