Set Goal: What Is It? WIIFM


Have you heard about radio station WIIFM?

This is "What's in it?" You're in a radio station and in your head.

We hear radio advertisements every day, read newspapers, watch TV ads, get spam online, pick up spam, read billboards, watch posters, and listen to someone thinking about them. Sometimes we buy what they sell in emotions or needs, but this decision is always "What's the deal?" perception.

How are the goals defined in the WIIFM concept?

We are stagnant without goals and our dreams will not come to fruition. Without a written plan, we will not achieve success in our endeavors. You would not be able to build a house that would have no plan for hundreds, but not for several millennia. You would not plan to travel to any long distance destination without plan. The plan does not mean that you are right for the first time, but a plan will allow you to make the holiday corrections to reach the final destination. Do you know that airline pilots are in most of the time? This course correction is finally reaching the right landing stage. You have a diagram or a map that someone has made before. This puts great emphasis on doing it alone.

Set the target for your plan and describe how to draw the cursor and make corrections to get the descriptions you want. Making daily actions is a way to do this. The use of the mentor or senior manager is safe to achieve goals because they were there and did not have to reinvent the process.

The setting goal value is that this is the only way to realize your dreams.

The goals come from a dream, a dream that comes from your heart, and what's in your heart comes from your creator. Your creator loves you and your dream loves you, but the question is … Do you like your dream enough to go after it? Can you ask for help from your dream? Ask for it and get it … Accept your dream … This is what you have to accomplish a worthwhile dream.

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