Send free text messages on your phone with Safari

If I am like me, we send daily messages, and rather consider it a necessity as an option on your phone. I don't know what it is, but text messages or text messages are really addictive and lighter than phone calls.

The only problem with text messaging is that it is very expensive, very fast, and before you know the limit of the wireless plan. At the beginning of the month or in the iphone billing cycle, you say to yourself that "I will not say 200 times a month", but it is low, and here's a month along the way where you get your bill and you have 350 text messages. With 150 text messages, this is more than 150 than Iphone's AT&T standard design, with 150 additional text messages, 10 cents, which is $ 15 or more dollars than it should be

. if you don't get text messages under control or find an alternative, and if you're an enthusiastic text messenger like me, you know that once you get used to text messaging instead of phone calls, you do it more and more often. In fact, text messages have become so popular that vocal chats via mobile phones have become remote memory or the second option for sending text messages

. for paying my text messages, and I didn't want to change my wireless plan and pay more money, so I did some research and found this website Joopz .

Access via the Safari browser on the iphone allows you to send free text messages that save you a lot of money depending on how many times you use the text every month.

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