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Sending text or SMS in expensive communication mode. Most mobile phone providers offer SMS plans, but these plans often range from $ 10 to $ 20 per month. Even for those who have an unlimited SMS plan, sending an international text message costs money. Luckily, there are many ways to send SMS anywhere, wherever the recipient is on the phone via SMS.

Using Text4Free

The client can send messages up to 140 characters and allows multiple recipients. allows a person to add the service to a Myspace page. Adding to Myspace is a great way for people without SMS access to send free SMS to the Myspace owner's phone.

Using SendSMSnow

Sending SMS Now another good resource for sending free text messages. offers a free customer to send messages to most countries. Each person must select the country from the drop-down menu, enter the phone number, and then write their message (130 characters). also has other free services that the user needs to register. These features include creating a phonebook and receiving SMS to allow a person to respond to the user.

Using TextMeFree

Text Me Free offers a directory of various web programs that send free international text messages. If a person cannot find a free client for sending text messages in all countries of the world, this library is a good place to turn. TextMeFree offers all known web programs that send free international text messages within a country. For example, if a person is trying to send an SMS message to someone in Germany, simply look at the German category and select one of the programs to send an SMS to a German number.

send free SMS anywhere. Using one of these free international text messages can help a person save money while staying in touch with people in other countries. These web-based SMS settings also work for those who do not have mobile phone access but want to send a text message to the person accessing the SMS.

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