Satellite Radio: Installation Costs

The cost of satellite radio equipment can be divided into two different categories: startup (installation costs) and monthly subscription to XM satellite radio or Sirius satellite radio. Receivers and installation hardware, activation costs are the costs of starting. Bettors are available for your car, home, computer, and now portable receivers. So how much does the satellite radio installation cost?

The installation costs for satellite radios are broken down as follows:

Activation costs are the sums that both XM Satellite Radio and Sirius Satellite Radio charge for launching the service. Activation costs vary, where $ 5.00 for Sirius and $ 9.99 will be ready for XM. Phone activation is $ 15.00 for Sirius and $ 14.99 for XM. Monthly subscription costs are cost-effective, but these are based on certain factors. Recent media campaigns dramatically reduce installation and activation costs, and XM and Sirius are free to activate in some cases. More details are available at

The typical cost of car satellite radio varies depending on whether you are using satellite radio,

Radio $ 125- 250

Antenna $ 60.00

Work $ 80.00

$ 10

activation $ 196.00


Total $ 400 – $ 600

The typical cost of home-based satellite radio equipment:

For this to work, you have to choose to install a dedicated stereo receiver unit. Common AM / FM receivers are very similar to satellite receivers. The built-in auxiliary input is used for connection and uses an antenna to receive transmission content.

150 $ – $ 300

Antenna $ 60.00

Activation $ 10


Total $ 220- $ 370

Portable units are now offered and make it easier to use satellite radio anywhere. All rooms in the house require a home set, which includes antennas, output cables, and power supplies. Home kits offer flexibility and ease of use, as they can be connected to home stereo, computer and boom boxes. The installation cost of portable satellite radios is as follows:

The typical costs are as follows:

Buyer $ 120

Home $ 140

Boombox X 2 $ 100

Activation $ 10


Total $ 370

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