Satellite Radio Antennas – Improve Your Reception

Traditional vehicles provide us with an antenna in our vehicles. Usually it is located on the rear of the vehicle and operates in FM and AM operating in the MHz and Kilohertz frequency bands. Satellite radios require an antenna that will not work well on the vehicle, so the drive needs to be installed.

Antenna is designed to attract radio signals from satellites that circulate the Earth to your vehicle. This is not as impossible as you might think, because the antenna is highly tuned to the exact frequency used by satellite radio service providers. Our only task is to place it in a place where it works in 100% of the time.

The easiest way to find the antenna is to simply pull it on the dashboard. This works in most cases, but the signal from space can be stopped from the car, especially from the roof, as the antenna is inside the vehicle. Creating reflection points is the last thing you want to do because it's harder to reach the antenna. You may find the antenna easily, but reception may be fuzzy.

No matter which satellite radio is selected, the antenna must have a magnet at one end. This works great while locking on the outside of the machine to a metal plate. The metal plate actually helps in picking when the whole vehicle is rotated as an extension of the antenna. The antenna uses the vehicle's antenna technology to increase antenna reception performance.

Not all spaces will work on metal plates and you may have to perform some kind of test and error. The antennas are different for each vehicle as the metal plate is different on each vehicle. This difference changes the reflection points and other antenna properties, which does not result in a cutting and dry solution. The roof is mostly the best, as there are no obstacles between the antenna and the satellite. Inserting an antenna can also work well on the trunk lid, provided the length of the cable is long enough.

Now that the antenna is inserted, the last word is the antenna cable. This cable is in most cases very long and somewhere to be hidden. Make sure there are no interruptions in the line. This reduces the signal even if the antenna is properly positioned. Imagine that the cable, like a water pipe, has any interference and prevents water from continuing. The antenna signal works the same way.

Try different locations in your vehicle and try different locations for the receiver. In some cases, moving the receiver can dramatically change the reaction. This is only possible for some models, but if you have correctly found the antenna and the reception is still weak, try to follow this and of course be sure to use an empty station. Use these tips and visit the happy satellite radio experience.

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