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Samsung Finesse r810c was released in December 2009 for Straight Talk Wireless and created a lot of buzz among prepaid phone users. At first glance, the r810c dreamed of all the prepaid users: with a large touch screen, high-speed EVDO data connection, music player, 2.0 second camera, camcorder, bluetooth and many more.

To the top of this, this phone is now available for cheap, non-contractual plans from Straight Talk. $ 45 per month, unlimited call, text, and data are attractive, especially when they come via 3G. For those who, like me, are quite geeky enough to wake up after the iPhone, but are "quite sparing" to stick to prepaid, this may be the perfect solution.

I really couldn't resist. After reading the first few reviews of Finesse's other direct chat users, I made the bullet and bought my own Samsung r810c and a one-month unlimited service.

I just bought the phone and I liked the device on which I set up a separate Samsung r810c site to publish my phone overview and share tips and tricks with other Straight Talk users. As I gained more experience with Finesse, I review the phone in great detail. I will also do my best to answer the questions people may have about the lack of important information in my review.

As I mentioned above, my phone was only a few days so I didn't use it enough to really try it out. Yet what I can say so far is sound quality, but not fantastic. I would say that in parallel with Samsung r451c, another Straight Talk phone released earlier this fall, but not as good as the latest models of the LG 290c and 220c, as well as the Straight Talk.

However, the comparison is the touch screen and the EVDO browser. The touch screen will certainly get used to it, but I think you like it. It's like an iPhone or iPod touch as much as the touch screen works, but it's just a little different in sensitivity.

It is noteworthy that, unlike the Apple products mentioned above, Finesse does not have a multi-touch feature. This means that the screen can only detect a "touch", preventing you from using Apple's popular tweak-zoom feature. As an iPod touch user, this is a bit disappointing. Beyond this disappointment, I like the touch screen. This is the first touch screen phone I used. Good to use and even more beautiful to look at

One thing I really like is the internet access of EVDO. Now I had more phones with internet access, but it was very little because they were so slow. This is not the case with 3G data for r810c. This is certainly not as fast as home broadband internet, but fast enough to be happy to use the time when waiting in a waiting room or a vehicle as a passenger.

As a reference point, it was possible to load the CNN website in about a minute, supplemented with dozens of images. On previous prepaid phones, if they were loaded at all, it would take a few minutes to load a place like CNN and it didn't contain any images.

Checking Email for Yahoo! email account, it took about 3 minutes to load the page, enter the password and download my messages. I then reset my homepage to Yahoo Mail and automatically saved my login information. Now, in about 45 seconds, I can get to my new messages.

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