Risks if managers do not have CLUE

A few decades ago, maybe because of a popular game show, we often said that someone who did not seem to have any understanding or willingness to expand his horizons to find out more. do not even get an idea ! While this silent comment is often frustrating, or simply a clever, cruel note, we are too often observing individuals, leadership positions that do not appear to have goals, priorities, opportunities, etc. CLUE respect. With more than four decades of involvement in almost all areas of leadership, identification, qualification, training, development and consulting, the thousands of actual and / or potential leaders served as leaders of various size and mission groups as leaders, important I consider it possible to discuss possible risks when this is the reality. With this in mind, this article attempts to briefly examine, consider and discuss the potential risks and consequences of using this memorable approach if this occurs. Clever; creative; champion; cause; character: How can anyone, champion, be the best possible reasons for focusing on the needs, priorities, goals, and comments of the group and stakeholders unless it has a character that is open-minded and avoided or excuses , or restrictions on your personal comfortable zone? To have an idea that is necessary and necessary, a quality leader must be smart enough to admit he or she does not know everything – and all his responses are creative, well-intentioned, fighting for reasons that are consistent with the with the mission of an organization. The character's character, which inspires and motivates and brings people together, minimizes risks and focuses on the most important factors

. Listen; learn; lessons learned; leadership: A relevant leader will do his best to learn the lessons that help him know how to act! To do this, you must be ready to listen and learn from each conversation and experience effectively. This is the necessary focus for transparent management

3. Useful; use; urgent: It is important to distinguish between urgent matters and the trivial, indispensable ones. One will only take advantage of relevant traces when the primary goal is useful, urgent driving.

4. Empathy; emphasis; endurance; excellence: Focuses on the highest excellence or is willing to accept it, is it good enough? Improving the difference requires a combination of exceptional perseverance / commitment, focuses on the highest degree of excellence, the most good and the true empathy!

Do not be one of those ignorant leaders! Think about how to deal with and avoid risks without continuing the procedure CLUE!

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