Review of LG Cookie, the latest smartphone

With the launch of the iPhone and other handsets, touchscreen models were the latest mobile phone trends. LG's cracked the market as a bestseller, and its success is not a secret – usually under £ 100 as a pay-as-you-go, effective and stylish alternative to pricier devices for mobile phone contracts.

More compact than many touch-screen mobile phones on the market, but it is important that the 3-inch diameter does not compromise the screen size – the display is large and easy to use, vital to the functional touch screen phone. Giving, sending and selecting more "real" keys for calls is a bit easier to use than a full touch screen. We like a simple accelerometer that automatically rotates the display and allows you to control motion and Wii style play. Usability and ergonomics are definitely a winning point.

In addition, it contains all the essential packages expected from a mid-range smartphone. For music, there is a media player that supports the most popular music formats, the Bluetooth wireless connection, so you can quickly transfer music files and memory card slots when you have to drop the memory. The built-in browser is practical and supports email if needed. Fantastic as more and more phones, this is a quadband GSM, so you can use the world anywhere. Then there is the 3.2 megapixel camera for moving pictures and the FM radio via RDS, so you can see what station you are playing.

We really feel that LG Cookie has managed to balance the price and service compromise completely. LG managed to keep costs down and the phone was very useful and compact. LG Cookie offers all the benefits of the new touch screen with outstanding value.

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