RC plane difference – an RC Paraglider!

Have you ever seen lots of rc airplanes, but what about a rc paraglider?

From a distance, all motorized radio controlled paragliders are basically the same. A canopy suspended by radio and motor. Air ballet, both slow and graceful. Well, graceful, if the pilot smoothly touches the controls as the real thing. Free flight models also fly, mainly on slopes

We can see that the definition of "rc paraglider" is very wide. This includes the free flight RC model, RC ski slope, motorized RC and RC parachute. Someone at the trade show also observed that women, in particular, seemed to be a slow moving and graceful sight of miniature aircraft!

To sum up, the web has different types of forums for the application that RC Paragliding is fun, straight and safe.

How do they fly?

In most cases very similar to full size, with 2 primary controls. This means that steering is left / right and performance is inactive from idle.

For the simplest models, steering is only done with weight change. This means that pulling one or the other lines will shift the weight of the pilot or gondola to the left or right. The canopy retains the same shape as long as it happens.

Climbing and Descending is very easy! The wings fly at almost constant air speeds, so the increasing force is enough for the model to rise, while decreasing power will be enough to descend. There is a power setting somewhere between them that maintains a constant height

On the more expensive models, the back of the canopy can be pulled off simultaneously. This is similar to a full-size paraglider brake


As with most planes, the bottom end of the price range gets just one plastic toy! Especially what is seen everywhere and this is the Sky Surfer RC Paraglider. The gondola and the wing are plastic, the engine is electric, and it needs quite calm conditions

The prices of these models are $ 10 US dollars, especially for eBay

From the year 2000, some hobbies were happy to build and fly their own RC paraglider. In most cases, we only use electric drags fitted with radio geared tanks. In some cases, plus an engine.

At least one hobby whose plans fly well enough to sell them over the internet. He has been working for years and is pleased that he knew many hand-made units were flying around the world.

For those sellers, these planes cost hundreds of dollars

Commercial Manufacturers

Since 2007, many companies have been manufacturing very well-designed and manufactured RC paragliders. They use the latest kiting materials such as nylon destruction for cannons and Kevlar for lines.

Also tends to form part of the package for aerial photography. These include high quality photo and / or video equipment at the retail price. Not surprisingly, these units are currently selling at $ 500 to $ 1,500.

Who Do These Things Fly

Compared to most planes, the RC Paraglider is a very wide range of people. Some of the groups I have found have shown great interest in these models: pilots, r / c pilots, aerial photographers, and dragon benders. An RC paraglider is in contrast to the usual macho high-speed RC aircraft!

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