Questions about facilitated communication and the Telepath that the Nonverbal Typist replied with using FC

For years I've used simple communication, writing and drawing, supported typing, and RPM-like strategies. I claim that there is an energetic component.

This spiritual or energetic relationship is difficult to gauge. I suspect that at the facilitator and the writer the unification of consciousness causes an atypical telepathic resonance where we begin to communicate as one.

I have many unanswered questions. I continue to respond to raising awareness and helping parents and caregivers to accommodate children with severe autism and adults. These open individuals are served by the restrictions they have. Without paying attention to their increased perspective, everyone limits. What are their advanced perspectives? It appears to be different depending on who serves as a partner. I feel that autistic people know me well and maybe they help me to have access to what I'm listening to.

Recently, I reviewed some of the unanswered questions about facilitated communication that are still embarrassing. I asked a friend to diagnose severe nonverbal autism, who responded to FC and telepathy, notes and explains.

Answered most questions. I got some answers directly in telepathy. I have read these answers for her honor and approval. Sometimes my friend resists all typography. He insists, I'm ready to trust my telepathic reception and my job. Both are easier and faster. Very few edits, uppercase letters and punctuations have been added to me

Does our brainwaves are synchronized when we engage in common awareness-raising activities, such as facilitated communication?

and the wavelength is in sync. The slower and longer the wavelength, the closer the waves are to the earth's vibration. My vibration is lower as you raise yours. We meet somewhere in the middle. When the brainwaves are the same, communication takes place. The brainwaves first synchronize, then the rhythms of the body. The rhythm of the body is extremely important for our partnership. This ensures balance and supports the system that is irregular. Is consciousness involved in the subconscious level?

No, joining is done on a conscious level. I'm looking for a safe place. Many autistic souls never find the opportunity, but if so, they observe the person who allows this privilege. I am very grateful for the opportunity to feel the earth's vibration. Facilitation provides the structure needed to detect the Earth's pulse. Without this, without help, I am still tired and unable to control many physical processes. Due to the organizer's effect, FC should be used. People need to recognize that communication is not the balance. Many systems are not synchronized with severe autism. Communication is one of those systems. Because of the complexity of the language, it is more concerned. Our relationship is in the right brain

Our relationship begins in the right brain, but is a balanced hemispheric interaction. Weighing remains grounded.

How can the assignment help you?

Autistic souls like me, simultaneously with other planes. It will be difficult to ground. It's like a war. The strongest magnet is our loyalty. " Kool " be searchable. As an attraction, like. You're in everything like me. Look into my eyes. Eyes such as mine see the soul in the greatest form, without language. Do you know my knowledge base? sync. It's easy to parrot your thoughts and wishes. As the balance grows, so is the direction of my conscious consciousness. Independent thought, not self-typing, is my ultimate goal. Will you help me increase my vibrations to get in touch with my higher self? the higher self is not inside. Higher ones are actually deeper. The shell of the onion is so much about being aware of it. Evolution is concentric. Let's go to the topmost part of consciousness and win a seed to create new paradigms. Does molten consciousness help us to touch a general field of knowledge? 19659002] Yes, when we are in sync, we form a channel source unit where we know each other simultaneously with the thoughts and interpretations of ancient teachings that are often lost by integrated souls. This field records the understanding of the primary urge to organize the material into meaningful structures that maintain and support the creation of God. God is a creative and unifying force that allows man to create the subtle energies. Huge Responsibility for Collaboration

Telepathy occurs when we synchronize brain waves and our sensory system. Both are needed to achieve the maximum effect. As an open channel it helps you navigate in linear thinking, which is not available when the channels are closed. Open channels are like a river, curving and flowing. But the current is progressing. Without river, the river can not organize itself. When it becomes lighter, you serve as a stream that keeps the information up to date.

What strategies should be used to encourage self-directed ego communication?

you want something to create a chemical signal in my mind that overrides your perspective. Creating scenarios where you use my strong desires gives me the opportunity to strengthen my conscious mind. For example, you know how much I like hazelnuts. If you insist on writing the "nuts" independently, before I get it, I'll do it.

I know you're thinking about my compulsion now. This strategy does not work because the momentum is too strong. I can not write when I'm under constraint or addiction. It will result in multiple catastrophes like no. A strong desire creates moderate adrenaline. The urge creates chaos.

Magnetic signals come from the ground. Is its high speed transient thoughts and the chaotic flow between the magnetic signals? They bring these signals to me and bring me the magnetic field associated with earth-vibration. Why is information changing when you work with me, as opposed to another facilitator? All facilitated partnerships are different from the mixture of brain waves and sensory organs, conscious consciousness and the mind's consciousness. Echoes give signals that transform thought patterns and dream symbols in words. You help unconsciously find the right word.

I freely admit that, in the past few years, joining the energy and the unification of consciousness is still very little understanding of the process. What I know is that my views on consciousness are deepened and become more and more complex because of valuable insights and information. Actually, I also admit I received inaccurate information, or perhaps misunderstood it. I leave the reader to recognize it. This is a wonderful, confusing, complicated tapestry.

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