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Over the past five years, the use and ownership of mobile phones and mobile phones has exploded to the extent that nearly two thirds of the planet has a mobile phone. It has never been a serious attempt for large network service providers to create and maintain a mobile phone number library and white pages. The problem is that many people change their number each year when they upgrade their devices, it would be difficult to keep up to date. In addition, there is no need to register a mobile phone, so it is very likely that white cards will soon become outdated after the release.

Mobile phone users have several online directory services that choose their own number for the right services. Some websites that allow mobile numbers to be uploaded to a searchable database, but some seem to be paying little attention to data protection. You need to make sure that the site that you choose to add yours has a strict privacy policy and you need to confirm that the owner of the number can verify by clicking on the confirmation link in the email. This protects people whose number is listed on everyone. If in doubt, confirm to owners of the website how to secure your personal information.

As we live in a fast-moving and mobile world, it would be useful if we were to search for moving numbers. Again, there are only a few pages that I know about this opportunity. Look for WAP features on these sites, and remember to check which mobile phones are compatible with their services, especially if you have to pay for the search.

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