Properties vs. benefits vs final results

If you've lived in copywriting realm, you've ever heard the term "properties and benefits". This is a basic textwriting principle and a driving force behind the many things we create as copywriters. But there is another aspect of this equation.

What happens when customers have purchased the product or service? After using what was offered, what would be different in their lives? What will be the end result, your buying decision? Clients can view the end result of their activity as a powerful tune-up tool that they want to include in their own copy.

Let's look at features, benefits, and end results, and let's see each of them individually and create a targeted pressure at the site of purchase

Features – Basic Product or Service Feature

Copywriting features are a starting point. They provide a basic sketch for what the customer needs to know. Features describe (most often) the characteristics of a product or service. If you use an example of a cordless telephone answering system, some functions may be:

& # 149; 5.8 GHz FHSS

and # 149; Talking Caller ID

and # 149; Upgradable to 4 handsets

and # 149; Optional Ringtones

& # 149; Speakers

For a person who does not know anything about cordless telephones with answering machines, this list may not mean much. This is the basic design of the phone and nothing more.

Benefits – Personalizing Your Product or Service

Benefits Benefit from Features. The benefits take advantage of features and products or services. Explain how the features improve the customer's life. Use the list of functions above to see what benefits you may have. (The list below is from Panasonic's marketing materials and is directly connected to the KX-TG5230M model phone.)

5.8 GHz Digital System: The 5.8 GHz frequency allows you to disrupt your home network . Frequency-leaked digital technology keeps calls from external sources.

· Talking Caller ID: You do not have to be within the visual distance of your phone. You know who's on the line before you pick up the phone. No more running to find the handset or base

· Expandable: The phone can be stored in every room and the extra phones are cheaper than other phones and there is no need for a telephone connector. This base station supports a total of four handsets.

• Optional Ringtones: Customize Phone Sound by Selecting Three Ringtones

· Dual Speakerphone: Talk directly to the base station with the base speakerphone, while the handset's handsfree speaker provides convenient hands-free calling anywhere you take the device.

Beneficial features of services. They explain how the features will be used in the client's life.

Final Results – Glance to the Future

However, this process can be moved one step further. After customers buy the phone and, after they are used, what results will they experience? As we have previously questioned how their lives improve? What will be the impact of their purchase decision? Let's go back to our list and give a final result as the last sentence of the list of benefits

. · 5.8 GHz Digital System: The 5.8 GHz frequency allows you to get anywhere in the house and still has clear reception without disturbing the home network. Frequency hopping digital technology keeps calls from external sources. You have the full freedom of conversation without interfering with one of the most advanced systems.

· Talking Caller ID: No need for the phone's visual distance. You know who's on the line before you pick up the phone. You will enjoy the ultimate convenience with this feature. No more running to view the handset or base!

· Extendable: The phone can be held in every room, extra handsets are cheaper than other phones, and there is no need for a telephone connection. This base station supports a total of four handsets. Add up to three handsets to your entire set. Expandable phone systems are smart investments that save time and money

· Optional Ringtones: Customize your phone's sound by selecting three ringing tones.

· Dual Speakers: Talk directly to the base station with the basic handsfree, while the handsfree speakerphone provides a convenient hands-free call wherever you pick up the handset. Speaker flexibility can be heard anywhere and anytime.

Do you see what the final results have been made? Customers took a look at the future. This feature states that the phone offers 5.8 GHz technology. The benefit further explains why the 5.8 GHz technology is important because it provides clear reception and security. The end result is to think through the fact that customers have filled a free life and do not interfere with their advanced system.

Other end-results point out how the phone system will make the lives of individual users more comfortable, save time and money, how personality will fit, and how to make the phone more flexible for customers' lives.

When creating a copywriting plan, make sure you list the features and build benefits of your custom. But for added performance, do not forget to include the final results that help your customers find that their product or service can improve their lives.

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